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ITS White Pages Form

White Pages Test Instructions

This form is to collect feedback on a new design for the White Pages. Please navigate to website and test functionality for the new White Pages. All fields contained in the form should be completed and submitted by Friday, February 7th at 10am.

Items to check/test:

  • Check the site looks/functions ok in multiple browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) and test on mobile devices
  • Check that all the search options work (including in combinations), you can verify the results with the production site
  • Check that the details on individual people display correctly when you click on them in the results
  • Check that the login works for lifting the search limits (i.e., When you do a search that returns a large number of results, only the first few are returned.  The message " Too many results returned" displays. You will need to login to white pages which will increase the number of returned results.)
  • Any feedback on any of the text information on the main page or on the links to other pages we included
  • Any feedback on the aesthetics of the design