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Blackboard Known Issues

Blackboard Known Issues

To report an issue, please contact the Office of Academic Technology by sending an email to or by calling 914.773.3664.

1. Microphone does not work with Firefox in a Collaborate Ultra web conference session (posted 9.7.18)

2. Kaltura is Missing in Blackboard Mashups (posted 9.7.18)

3. Student Document does not Render in Blackboard (posted 02.12.18)

4. Difficulty reordering items using the Click-and-Drag method (posted 01.25.18)

5. User not able to view video on Internet Explorer (posted 01.24.18)

6. Test Answers Not Recorded (posted 10.30.17)

7. Grade Center may not accurately reflect Graded Discussion Board activity (posted 10.10.17)



The solution is to simply use another browser, and Chrome is recommended.




To restore Kaltura as a Mashup tool, do the following:

1. In the Control Panel, go to Customization > Tool Availability.

2. Scroll down to Kaltura Media.

3. Check the checkboxes.

4. Hit the Submit button.



Student Document does not Render in Blackboard

A student’s document may not display when a teacher attempts to view it from within Blackboard using the inline grading program “New Box View”.

The solutions to try are:

1. Back out of the specific document view and then try again.

2. Switch browsers.

3. Switch computers (operating systems).

4. Increase the screen resolution to the next finer setting.



Difficulty reordering items using the Click-and-Drag method

When an instructor attempts to reorder items in Blackboard with the click-and-drag function, the items may jump around in a random manner and/or the items fail to be located where the instructor desires. This seems to happen in all browsers.

This issue has been reported by other schools also, and Blackboard is aware of the issue, but has no plan at this moment to implement a solution.

The following techniques have been used successfully, so please pass these along to users who are experiencing the issue.



User Not Able To View Video On Internet Explorer

If a user is accessing Blackboard through Internet Explorer they may have to adjust their privacy settings to allow third party cookies in order to be able to view videos.

To access the tutorial outlining how to enable third party cookies on all browsers Click Here.



Test Answers Not Recorded

If a student logs in to Blackboard and opens a test, then logs in again and opens the same test using a different browser or a different computer, without first logging out of the initial test instance, the following may occur:

1. The test answers may not be saved.

2. The test access log may show no activity.

3. The test may be recorded as started and submitted at the exact same time.



Grade Center may not accurately reflect Graded Discussion Board activity

After a student submits a post/reply in a graded Discussion Board, an exclamation point should appear in the Grade Center. Sometimes this exclamation point does not appear.