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Blackboard Ultra Overview

Upgrade to Blackboard Ultra

Blackboard Learn, the Learning Management System (LMS) utilized by Pace University faculty, staff and students, will be upgraded to Blackboard Learn Ultra.

In addition to new features increasing ease-of-use, the upcoming upgrade will give Blackboard a fresh look and feel, and introduces the Blackboard Learn Ultra Course View that provides you and your students with a simple, streamlined and more uniform course experience across multiple platforms such as laptops and mobile devices.

The switchover will not require an outage, and should not affect the speed or functioning of the system. The following is a quick overview of the tools that will become available following the upgrade, and the changes they bring.

Blackboard Ultra Experience - Navigation

The new Ultra experience is a completely redesigned interface with simplified, intuitive workflows, a modern look and feel, and an improved mobile experience. Everyone will see the new Ultra landing page and navigation from May 23rd, 2019, though all courses will retain the look, feel and functionality of the “original” Blackboard experience for the time being.

Blackboard Ultra Experience - Navigation



Modern Look and Feel


Improved Responsiveness on Mobile Devices


Institution Page with Helpful Information and Links


Profile to Manage Your Blackboard Persona


Activity Stream with Up-to-the-Minute Action for All of Your Courses


Course List Displays Past, Present, Future Courses in a Timeline


Receive Notifications About Course Updates via Email