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Faculty FAQ

How can I add a TA to my course in Blackboard?

  • Log in to Blackboard
  • In “Course Management” in the left panel, expand the “Control Panel”
  • Expand “Users and Groups”
  • Select “Users”
  • Select "Find Users to Enroll"
  • Enter the username for the TA in the “Username” field
  • If the exact username is not known, click the “Browse” button to search for the username and once found, click the checkbox next to the username and “Submit”
  • Change the “Role” dropdown menu item to “Teaching Assistant”
  • Ensure that the “Enrollment Availability” is “Yes”
  • Click “Submit”

View the full policy (PDF).

Can I give students access to my course before the first day of the semester?
Instructors can choose to provide students with early access into their course in Blackboard up to 3 weeks before the official start-date of the semester.

  • Under the Control Panel, choose Customization and then click on Properties
  • Scroll down to the heading labeled Set Availability and change this option to Yes
  • Click Submit

How do I view my student roster with photos of the students?

  • Under the Control Panel, choose Course Management and then click on Course Tools
  • Select Course Photo Roster from the list

How do I request a course combine and what are the course combine policies?
Please provide the course IDs (e.g., ACC-101-23345.201920) of the courses you would like combined and submit a Help Desk ticket (by sending an email to at least 2 weeks before the start of the semester. Please note in the email that you acknowledge the below points:

1. The original (child) courses must have the same start and end dates.

2. The child courses must have an assigned instructor.

3. The child courses will not be available to you or your students after the combination process.

4. The new (parent) course will not have any content that is currently in your child courses. A new course is created that is an empty shell.

5. You will still enter final grades via Portal in the separate (child) courses.

6. If you want to know which students were in each child course, you will have to go to Banner (Portal) to get this information.

7. If you desire a specific course name, then provide it in the help ticket.