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Open Educational Resources - OER

OER stands for Open Educational Resources - the key word being open. Open refers to that fact that OER are academic materials in the public domain. The OER movement is based on the principle that information should be shared and intellectual collaboration should be encouraged. Therefore, while these open access materials were not free to create, they are free to use.

One form of OER is textbooks which educators can redistribute and remix to fit their unique classroom needs. But OER goes beyond textual resources. Audio, video, and blended-media materials and learning modules are also available.

The following webinar discusses what it means to "open" your classroom by integrating OER into your course. Hear about the learning benefits of going open and where you can get started using these resources.

Open Educational Resources Webinar Click here

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Defining OER

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Pace Library Open Access Guide

Our university librarians have composed a collection of open access (free) resources available in the Pace Library Open Access Guide. This guide includes e-journals, e-books, and miscellaneous other resources.




Open Courseware


The Pace Library System has partnered with Information Technology Services to provide faculty with technical support and assistance with incorporating OER into their courses.

Christina Blenkle, Library Services

UTelephone: (914) 773-3222


UTelephone: (212)346-1661