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Microsoft eLearning

As part of our Microsoft Campus Agreement, staff and faculty are entitled to free online Microsoft eLearning courses. These courses include server and desktop operating systems and other related Microsoft applications and technologies which can help you update your skills and learn new ones! To access the courses, you will be prompted to sign in using a Windows Live ID. If you already have a Windows Live ID (e.g. SkyDrive/OneDrive, Xbox Live, or other Microsoft services), sign in with that account each time. To create a new Windows Live ID account, complete a short registration form by visiting

Microsoft eLearning Program

Request the Microsoft eLearning Activation Code

Getting initial access to the Microsoft eLearning courses

Signing up for a course

Request the Microsoft eLearning Activation Code

To enroll in Microsoft eLearning courses, send an email to for an access code. An ITS staff member will contact you within 2 - 5 business days and provide access codes.

Getting initial access to the Microsoft eLearning courses

IMPORTANT: You will need to register with a Windows Live ID account to gain access to the Microsoft eLearning courses. If you do not have a Microsoft Windows Live account, click and register for an account.

  • go to
  • click Sign in
  • click Microsoft Account
  • log in with your Windows Live ID 
  • place a check next to I Accept to agree to license agreement

At the prompt to enter a subscription code and email address,

  • type subscription code and Pace e-mail address
  • click Submit
  • click Continue

The Microsoft eLearning Profile page displays: 


  • complete form with profile information requested for your account
  • click Save

Signing up for a course

The Microsoft Online Learning  home page displays:


Once logged in, the home page serves as a dashboard to quickly get you access to courses. The top-navigation bar contains hyperlinks for browsing available courses and help topics.  Under these links, your personal dashboard is subdivided into tiles which provide you access to My courses, My Achievement and Help topics described below.

Microsoft Online Learning Tile Description
My courses View courses that you selected by clicking the My Courses tile. The numeric value within the tile represents the total number of courses that are not yet completed.
My achievements  View courses that you have completed by clicking the My Achievements tile.  The numeric value within the tile represents the total number of courses you have completed. You also can access your transcripts and completion certificates.
Help topics Get access to all the help you would need to navigate Microsoft Online Learning.
Resume The last course you accessed will appear in a Resume tile on your homepage. Click anywhere in the Resume tile to pick up where you left off. 

Searching for eLearning courses

  • click Browse Courses from top-navigation bar 

You will see a listing of various training subjects display.  Select a subject that interests you by clicking on the title to display a list containing the available courses on that subject.

Note: On the top-navigation bar, there is a search box. At any time, you can enter a search term in the box to locate specific courses.

Adding a course

  • select a topic by clicking on the hyperlinked category to display list of courses
  • click Add in the lower right corner under your selected course
  • click course title to start the course

Note: You can stop the course at any point and come back to it at any time over the next 12 months.

Signing Out

  • click down arrow next to your name on the upper right corner of the page
  • click Sign Out