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Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling is the practice of using computer-based tools to tell a story. ITS partners with faculty through Academic Technology to incorporate Digital Storytelling into coursework. Students are also supported through workshops and training. Through this modern approach, students demonstrate their understanding by using images, narration, videos, text, and music.


Students and Faculty.

How To Get This Service

Create a Help Desk ticket for advice on designing a Digital Storytelling assignment, request technical assistance, or to schedule a Digital Storytelling workshop in your course.


For any inquiries about this service, or to submit a request, please click this link to submit a Help Desk Ticket (MyPace Portal username, password, and Duo MFA passcode required for login).

For immediate assistance, call Academic Technology:

  • Pleasantville: (914) 773-3664
  • New York City: (212) 346-1661

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Which Video Tool Should I Use For Digital Storytelling?

Getting started, editing, and exporting videos (Mac users only).

Animoto Tutorial
Animoto is an online tool that students can use to transform images and video clips into a short, professional presentation.

Animoto: Creating an Educator Account
Create a free Animoto Classroom account for educators. It will give you access to Animoto for 1 year. You can create accounts for up to 50 students.

Storify Tutorial
Storify is an online tool that students can use to tell a story using social media, or showcase their tweets, posts, pictures, and videos all on one page.

Embedding Animoto in ePortfolio
You can embed a Storify project into your ePortfolio.

YouTube Tutorial
How to Upload your videos to YouTube.

Digital Storytelling Resources

Digital Storytelling Resources
This guide is a compilation of resources for finding music, images and videos that can be legally downloaded and used in your projects. It also includes instructions for downloading these materials to your computer.

Digital Storytelling Technical Resources
Instructions for recording voiceovers, adding effects to audio and downloading video clips.

A printable handout for planning your digital story.

An overview for creating a digital story with iMovie (Mac users only).

Other Related Tools

Check out these digital-storytelling related tools below used by other Pace faculty. These tools are less intensive, but still work with multi-media.

Create interactive posters that include text, graphics, music, videos and other types of media called “glogs.” Glogster EDU enables instructors to create course accounts to gather all of the glogs of a class in one place.

Formerly called “wallwisher,” this interactive poster tool allows multiple contributors.

Captures a group discussion about a single artifact, such as a picture, document, presentation, video, or a combination of several artifacts. Users can participate though webcam, microphone, telephone, text or file upload. They can also interact with the artifact through annotations or drawings

Tar Heel Reader
Allows users to create eBooks published to the Tar Heel Reader site.