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Zoom Security Best Practices

Effective immediately, all scheduled Zoom sessions at Pace University require the use of a password to gain entry. This will now be the default setting when scheduling a Zoom meeting.

Best Password Practice:

  • Create a unique password Passwords can be up to 10 characters long and can include letters, numbers and special characters.
  • Passwords can include the following:
    • Uppercase characters (A, B, C, ...)
    • Lowercase character (a, b, c, ...)
    • Numbers (1, 2, 3, ...)
    • Special characters (!,@,#,$,...)
    • Do not use your name, current passwords, or class/meeting name.
  • The same password can be set for recurring sessions. However, for added security, a new password can be created for each session.
  • For participants joining the session, notify them of the password via secure communication channels ( i.e.: Blackboard Email and Pace Outlook Email).
    • Please let your participants know NOT to share the meeting passcode with anyone outside of the session.

Waiting room:

You can include a waiting room for an extra layer of security. This allows the host to control which participant can join the meeting. The meeting host can admit attendees one by one, all at once, or move them back and forth between the waiting room. You can enable the waiting room When Scheduling a new meeting or editing a previously scheduled meeting by doing the following:

  • Under Meeting Options select Enable Waiting Room.
  • Then select Save.

Only Authenticated Users Can Join:

You can select this option under Meeting Options when creating your meeting(s). This option adds a layer of security to your meetings by making the session only accessible to participants within the Pace community. Those that have signed in with their Pace Zoom accounts will be able to join the meeting.

Locking Meeting:

You can lock your meeting after all participants have joined your live meeting. Once you have locked your Meeting no one else can join the session. You can lock the meeting by doing the following in a Live Zoom session:

  • Select the Manage Participants tab.
  • At the bottom of the Manage Participants window select More.
  • Select Lock Meeting.