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Study Frequently

Too often, students rely on cramming for an exam instead of studying for shorter and more regular intervals. Regular, consistent study is a much more effective means of test preparation and academic success than last minute, frantic cramming.

Take Short Breaks

It is important to take breaks when studying. Just as studying too infrequently can diminish your success, studying for periods of time that are too long becomes ineffective. How much is enough? How much is too much? Listen to your body.

Take a short break if you are

  • hungry
  • having trouble concentrating
  • getting sleepy
  • making lots of mistakes
  • becoming easily distracted

But, limit your break so that it doesn't turn into wasted time. Try to take breaks that don't involve friends or other people, or watching TV. Too often, they can be draining and can wind up lasting longer than you'd like. Try doing things like taking a short walk outside or around the hallway, getting a snack, closing your eyes for a few minutes, or taking a shower.