Three Pace University students at the Kessel Student Center in Pleasantville, New York

Become a Student Staff Member

The Learning Commons is mainly staffed by students who attend the University. There are three student job opportunities within the Commons: Content Peer Tutor, Peer Academic Mentor, and Writing Peer Tutor.

What Does A Content Tutor Do?

A content peer tutor provides individual and small group tutoring to students in the Learning Commons. They will assist students in improving academic achievement by tutoring in accordance with the best philosophy and practices. They will help students on a regular basis to clarify learning problems and work on study skills. Other assistance might include: reviewing class material, discussing the text, predicting test questions, formulating ideas for papers, or working on solutions to problems. Tutors will also facilitate content review sessions and will be embedded into courses to assist professors. Tutoring is a supplement to classroom teaching. Tutors are not expected to know everything about the subject for which they tutor.

What Does A Peer Academic Mentor Do?

The Peer Academic Mentor will serve as role model for students engaged in the learning process. Working with Professional Academic Coaches, the Peer Academic Mentor will encourage the development of successful academic skills. The Peer Academic Mentor is eager to support students of all levels and will provide a positive example of attitude and adaptability. The goals of working with an Academic Peer Mentor include helping students take ownership of their academic success, achieve their academic goals, encourage self-advocacy and foster independent life-long learning. The Peer Academic Mentor will assist the professional Academic Coaches in supporting students in all of these areas.

What Does A Writing Tutor Do?

Writing tutors are trained to help with writing across all disciplines and with a wide variety of writing projects. Our tutors are active listeners and are trained to promote critical thinking, while addressing questions on confidence, reading, analytic thought, creativity and research. The tutor’s goals are to promote independent learning, facilitate student insight and provide a personalized focus that is respectful of each student’s unique perspective and through these methods produce better writers. Tutoring is a supplement to classroom teaching. Tutors are not expected to know everything about the subject for which they tutor.

To apply for a position at the Learning Commons (LC) please visit the Pace Careers website. The posting will be listed if there are current openings. If you do not see the posting but are interested in a position please email the Pleasantville Learning Commons or New York City Learning Commons with the subject Student employment.