Three Pace University students at the Kessel Student Center in Pleasantville, New York

Academic Skills Services

Which of my students may need Academic Coaching:

  • Students who tell you they are struggling with note-taking, reading the textbook, organizing their time efficiently, or studying for your exams
  • Students who seem to have reached a plateau and can’t seem to climb above it in spite of earnest attempts to do so
  • Students who demonstrate an inability to meet deadlines
  • Students whose class participation does not match work produced
  • Students who remain anonymous and whose performance is poor or struggling
  • Students who want to develop or hone their study strategies or find ways to interact with their textbooks
  • Students who recognize their skills need shaping and refining to excel at the college level
  • Students whose class-note taking seems disorganized
  • Students returning after an extended absence
  • Students expressing anxiety about upcoming exams or general anxiety about their academic life

Potential Student Letter

Dear (Student),

To help you with ______________________, a resource you may want to consider is the Academic Skills program, in the Learning Assistance Center, third floor of the Mortola Library. Individual academic peer mentoring and professional academic coaching is designed to support and develop your needs in becoming an independent and lifelong learner.