Three Pace University students at the Kessel Student Center in Pleasantville, New York

Student Staff Referral

The Learning Commons hires students who are among the highest achievers at Pace. To that end, we place a high value upon faculty referrals. A student who is considered a good fit as a student staff member possesses an ideal GPA of 3.5 or higher (Min 3.3). The GPA is used as a benchmark but by no means is the defining factor of employment. The most important factors include: excellent communication and interpersonal skills, a sense of maturity and responsibility, and an overall desire to help their peers.

Qualifications to become a Peer Tutor:

  • Advanced understanding of course material (min course grade of B+)
  • Superior ability in communicating content knowledge
  • Ability to adapt tutoring style to diverse groups of students

Qualifications to become a Peer Academic Mentor:

  • Upperclassman with exemplary academic development
  • Willing and able to articulate academic experiences
  • Display behaviors of an independent and life-long learner

Please complete the form below to refer an undergraduate student who you feel would make an excellent staff member: