Three Pace University students at the Kessel Student Center in Pleasantville, New York


Faculty TutorTrac Reports

Each faculty member has the ability to access reports that will display the attendance of their students at the Learning Assistance Center. These reports can be generated at any time and from any location with internet access. These reports will state the dates, time in and time out for each student visit, along with total session information for each student.


Please remember that these reports will not state the level of service given to a student. For example, a student can stay over an hour but only ask one question, whereas another student can stay 30 minutes but work with a tutor directly the entire time. The session topic may also be inaccurate as students themselves enter the course they wish to work on, but they may end up working on other courses in addition or instead. Finally, a total time of 96 minutes or 1.6 hours is the default entry when a student does not sign out.

Quick Facts

  • All professors have accounts already setup
  • Account username and password will be the same as your email without the and your general email password. For example my email is but when logging in I simply type in dbuffone and then enter my normal email password.
  • Visit TutorTrac from on-campus
  • Visit TutorTrac from off-campus (note you will need to log in twice)
  • Reports are created for the current semester
  • You can create reports as often as you like, whenever you choose to

Directions to create a report


  • Click the 'Trackman' icon in the upper left-hand corner
  • Select 'reports' from the dropdown
  • Select 'Registrations' from the dropdown
  • Select 'Registrations by??' from the list of reports
  • Select your search criteria
    *note: be sure to select a center and date range*
  • 5) Select 'Generate'
    * note: This will either open up a new window or tab with the created report*

Automatically Generated reports

Quick Facts

  • Sign up once and have weekly reports for each semester thereafter
  • Receive a report every Saturday night (if students have come to the center)
  • Rolls over every semester with the new courses you are teaching
  • List: Unumber, Student name, time in/out, tutor, and the reason for attending
  • You can sign up for automatically generated reports by filling the form below