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LGBTQA & Social Justice Center

Community Resources


Social and Community Building


Volunteer, Internships and Graduate Assistant Opportunities

Pace Non-Discrimination Policy

Training and Workshops

  • Safe Zone Training, Transgender 101 & Social Justice and Diversity Trainings and Consultation Services relating to a multitude of LGBTQA issues are available through the LGBTQA Center.

Transition related care, health & wellness at Pace University

  • The Pace Student Health and Sickness Policy Covers sexual reassignment surgery & hormone treatments.
  • Individual, Group Counseling and referall services are available at the Counseling Center.
  • Trans* Health and Wellness Organizations in NYC.
  • T*-Time (PDF) Join J-Mase III, the rowdiest trans queer poet around, for a discussion series for trans* and gender nonconforming folks. Trans* encompasses the many diverse identities that exist under and outside of the transgender umbrella. This includes but is not limited to transgender, genderqueer, agender, genderless, genderf*ck, third gender, two spirit, bigender, non gendered and those who are questioning their gender identity.
  • Discussion groups, programs, social events and advocacy opportunities are put on through the LGBTQA & Social Justice Center and allied organizations.
  • Queer Safe(r) Sex Resources

Preferred Name

To inquire about the ability to use a first name that is different from your legal name on certain campus systems and documents email the Office of Student Assistance.

Learn More about the Preferred First Name Procedure.

Gender Neutral and Accessible Restroom Listings

At Pace individuals are able to use a restroom or public facility that corresponds with their gender identity or legal sex. If individuals encounter discrimination while accessing Pace's Public Facilities they may make a formal complaint at the Affirmative Action Office.

Resident Life at Pace

NYC Community Resources

There are many viable community organizations and services available to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer, Questioning and Ally individuals. Check out our exhaustive listings of community resources!


Dear Me is a documentary that tells the inspiring true stories of people who are speaking up about their experiences with bullying, being a bystander and finding ways to break the silence. It focuses on creating a safe environment for others to be encouraged to take action.

Learn More about Bully(Ed)