Company Research

Knowing which resources to access to locate company information can be challenging. The Database Selection Guidelines is a great resource to consult to identify databases that provides company: Profile, History, Competitors, Financials, Annual Reports, SEC Filings, Stock/Investment, Market Share, Brands, Ratios, and People information. 

Librarians at both the Birnbaum Library (New York City campus) and the Mortola Library (Pleasantville campus) identified print, electronic, and Internet resources to assist in locating company information. 

The New York Public Library developed an excellent guide, "Searching for Company Information", that is highly recommended to consult. If Pace University Library does not own or subscribe to some of the print and electronic resources mentioned in The New York Public web page, you are encouraged to check the holdings at your local public library, company library, or any other business library that will permit access. 

Here are the links to the above information:

Please contact a Reference Librarian utilizing one of the Ask A Librarian services if you need further assistance.