"I feel comfortable with the people I work with...and they push me to learn as much as I can."
– Emileigh Beauregard, Class of 2016

Emileigh Beauregard ‘16 from Millbury, MA is a Global Marketing Management major on our NYC campus. In addition to her excellent internships, Emileigh is also the manager of the Interactive and Direct Marketing Lab at Lubin.

Emileigh says that the best thing about her internship is the experience: the opportunity to branch out, learn and experience more than just her daily tasks. “I feel comfortable with the people I work with…and they push me to learn as much as I can.”

Where are you interning this Spring? Have you had any other internships previously?  
I am currently interning at Publicis, a multinational advertising agency, as a strategy and analytics intern for the Garnier account. This is not my first internship; I have managed the internal social platform for EMC, a multinational data storage company, for two years, as well as managing the student-run marketing agency here in Lubin, the Interactive and Direct Marketing Lab (IDM Lab) for the last four years.

What have you been working on at your internship? Has it sparked an interest in a career/area of study you hadn’t already thought about?
At Publicis, I am currently working on social listening and creating website reports by generating and analyzing custom reports through different analytic programs. From interning in a corporate environment to an agency, I have realized the different roles that are needed in each type of company and the importance of broadening your scope of study as well as honing in on the nitty-gritty details of each. Having the chance to see what goes into each of these areas of marketing has allowed me to pinpoint which aspect of marketing I want to focus on, which is strategy and analytics.

Do you believe your internship experience has helped to prepare you for your future? How so?
I believe that my internship has helped me by providing me with insight on what the differences in the type of work there is for marketers, the tasks between a company that markets internally as well as publicly (EMC), agencies that work with several different large companies (Publicis), and self employed marketers that work more with smaller organizations (IDM Lab). All of these internships combined have contributed to the experience of what I know as a marketer because I have been able to work on so many different projects, from learning how to calculate different metrics, visually presenting complicated pieces of information, collaborating with other agencies, managing a social platform along with its users, constructing an integrated marketing plan for non-profits, to managing and delegating work to students.

Any advice for other Lubin students looking for internships?
The majority of professors in Lubin have experience in the field you’re studying, get to know them and they will connect you with the contacts they have, it’s one of the best and easiest ways to network. Take any opportunity that is offered to you to work on a project or attend an event that has the potential to promote your most important brand, you. I advise students to look for internships that will add value to what they already know, and not be afraid to try something out of their comfort zone. In my experience, having a solid internship where you can build a relationship and trust the people you work with is more important than skipping around to work at as many places as possible.

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