"Running a business while in school makes it so much more educational. You can literally apply everything you learn in school to your own business."
– Erik Molin, Class of 2019

Meet Erik Molin '19. Erik moved to the US from Sweden to play soccer and go to school. He soon decided that New York City was the place to be and transferred to Pace University. Once at Lubin, he got a business education that inspired him to get back to his start-up: Badpojken. Learn about his story as a student and a founder.
What made you decide to attend Pace University's Lubin School of Business?  
At first I came to the United States as a soccer recruit and to study on a scholarship. I accepted an offer from a school in New Jersey because I wanted to seize the opportunities in New York, but soon I realized that I wasn't able to fully accomplish that while being in New Jersey. So, I decided to quit soccer and transfer to Lubin, mainly in order to finish my Bachelor's degree in business, but also to gain experience through internships and other work. Lubin gave me this possibility. I was actually about to launch a startup and drop out of school, but because Lubin gave me a good opportunity to continue my education while gaining experience in the city, I continued with my education. 
Tell us about the Bathkilt, the main product offered by Badpojken. When did you first become interested in starting your own business?
My family is full of entrepreneurs, and I followed in their footsteps. I first started this business when I was 17. When I moved to the United States we put the project on hold, but we restarted it this past winter. So, I guess I have always been interested in starting and running my own business. We started it with the objective of gaining experience. It is also quite easy to run a business that produces and one single product, so we did not have to invest too much, and we can kind of scale it at the pace we want to. The vision for us is to make the bathkilt an enjoyable product for people, and a cash cow for us to launch new ventures.
The bathkilt is basically a towel with five holes and a button (making it one-size), velcro, a stretch band, and a pocket. The purpose of it is both the functionality of a towel that you can dry your body with, but you can also strap it to your body. 
How did your Lubin experience help you in establishing your business?
Running a business while in school makes it so much more educational. You can literally apply everything you learn in school to your own business. This is because running a business of your own means that you have a wide variety of tasks, so you can apply learning from any field in school. So, my Lubin experience, as well as my advisors and my professors, have helped me with applying school work to my business. 
What comes next for Badpojken?
Right now we sell the bathkilt only in Sweden, mostly directly to customers. We want to really get it out to 'Business-to-Business' and the industries that would use the bathkilt, for example, spas and hotels. This would be the proof of our concept! The bathkilt could be an everyday product for everyone! Eventually, I also want to bring it to the United States!
Any advice for other Lubin students who are interested in starting their own business?
Just go ahead and do it! But only if you have time alongside school! I made the decision to continue school instead of dropping out and it was probably the best decision I have made in my life. 
Also, it does not have to be something revolutionary; just start something simple while in school to get entrepreneurial experience. If you come up with an idea and you need seed-money, and more investment along the way (basically launching a startup), think hard about working on it while you are in school because you'll need to put 120% into it. 
In a few words, how do you define #LubinLife?
Business school of opportunities in the greatest city in the world.


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