IDM Lab in the News

IDM Lab work has created some interesting published news stories and events about what our students and professors are doing to buttress Direct and Interactive Marketing studies at Pace. We have provided that here for your information.

PMN Text & E-mail Study

PMN/Aite Study

  • Social Networking Research: 99% of Your Audience Are On Them, Still Need More Convincing?,, June 2009
  • Panel: Gen Y's not yet on Twitter, The Strategy Web, June 2009
  • "Participatory Marketing and Gen Y," Website Magazine, June 2009
  • "Study Shows Gen Y Not in Love With Twitter," New Sun SEO, June 2009
  • Twitter Falls Flat for 78% of Gen Y, Marketing Charts, June 2009
  • Twitter Needs Young Users and Regular Tweeters to Grow Past Niche, ZDNet, June 2009
  • Gen Y Not into Twitter, South Florida Business Journal, June 2009
  • Twitter Not Attracting Gen Y'ers Like Socnets, BizReport, June 2009
  • "Survey: Twitter Not as Popular as You Might Think," Xchange, June 2009
  • "One in Five Gen Yers Use Twitter: Study," Direct, June 2009
  • "Are Celebrities Killing Twitter?," DaniWeb, June 2009
  • "Millenials Among Those Who Don't Appreciate Twitter," MediaPost Publications, June 2009
  • "Gen Y's Are Not Yet Taking Flight on Twitter," PR Newswire, June 2009
  • "New Studies: Twitter is the Twilight Zone of Social Networks," Econsultancy, June 2009
  • "Studies: Young Adults Not into Twitter?," Editor & Publisher, June 2009
  • Despite Hype, Twitter Largely Ignored by Young Adults, SFGate Tech Chronicles June 2009
  • "Study: Young Adults Haven't Warmed Up to Twitter," New Technology Directory, June 2009
  • "Study Shows Gen Y Not in Love With Twitter," Web 3.0 Technology, June 2009
  • "Twitter Not Top for Gen Y," Bluhalo (UK), June 2009
  • "Gen Y Yet to Flock to Twitter," Internet Advertising Bureau (UK), June 2009
  • "Social Profile Sites, Mobile Social Networking More Popular Than Twitter Among 18-24 Year Olds," Search Engine Watch, June 2009
  • "Study: Young Adults Haven't Warmed Up to Twitter," Cnet News, June 2009
  • "Most Young People Use Facebook, Not Twitter," Strategy Eye, June 2009
  • "Only 22 Percent of 18-24 Year Olds Use Twitter, But 99 Percent on Social Networking Sites Like Facebook", Dallas Morning News Technology Blog, June 2009
  • "Gen Y's Are Not Yet Taking Flight on Twitter," Pitch Engine, June 2009
  • "99% of 18-24 Year Olds On Social Media, But Only 22% Use Twitter," Marketing Pilgrim, May 2009

First PMN Study

  • Social Media: Socializing with Gen Y, Target Marketing Magazine, May 2009
  • "Social Networking Advertising 'Could Take Off With Intelligence'," Zero Strategy, April 2009
  • "Brands Struggling to Reach Younger Gen Y'ers in Social Networks," eMarketing and Commerce, March 2009
  • "Emails Miss Mark for Most of Gen Y," Marketing Vox, March 2009
  • "48% of Millenials Enlist on Brand/Fan Pages; Here's Why," Marketing Vox, March 2009
  • "Study Shows Gen Y Wants More Control in Email Exchanges," Media Post, March 2009
  • "Email Continues to Struggle with Relevance," Econsultancy, March 2009
  • "Social Network Ads Are Tough Sell to Gen Y Consumers, Study Says," Internet Retailer, March 2009
  • Advertising to Gen Y on Social Networks, The Social Media Marketing Blog, March 2009
  • "Facebook Redesigning Pages, But New Research Suggests Engagement is Low," Marketing Pilgrim, March 2009
  • "Facebook to Woo Marketers With Revamped 'Fan Pages'," Cnet News, March 2009
  • "Inactive Subcribers 'Should Not Be Removed From Marketing Lists'," Business Strata, March 2009
  • SocNet Ads Not Relevant to 81% of Millenials, Marketing Charts, March 2009
  • "Gen Y is Hard to Reach on Social Networks Too," Econsultancy, March 2009
  • "Gen Y's Notice Social Network Ads, Claim Indifference," Search Engine Watch, March 2009
  • "Does Paid Social Media Work? Gen Y Remains a Hard Sell," Race Talk Blog, March 2009
  • "Social Media 'Requires Subtle Handling By Marketers'," Positive Change (UK), March 2009
  • "Business Should Be 'Clever' About Websites," Women in Technology (UK), March 2009
  • "Social Networking 'Can Work For Marketers'," Witan Jardins (UK), March 2009