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Tony Branda

Clinical Associate Professor

Lubin School of Business


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New York City

Spring 2019
Tue 2:40pm-5:40pm
Fri 11:20pm-1:20pm


DPS, Pace University, New York, NY

Academic and Professional Engagement Activities

Marketing analytics (MA) is a relatively new but increasingly prominent field in which data tools are applied to quantify and monitor marketing performance and customer information to optimize investments in marketing programs and maximize customer interaction. MA is a sub-discipline of broader analytics and includes the people, processes, and technology to generate insights that improve marketing performance. In this B2B study, the authors established an initial set of factors, with the help of deep subject matter experts in the field, which help determine the degree to which a firm's marketing function is analytically driven. The research builds on extant theories of market orientation and lays the foundation for the development of a new construct known as marketing analytics orientation through qualitative research methods.

Marketing analytics Market orientation Analytics Marketing intelligence Customer intelligence Top management support

Selected Contributions & Publications

Branda, A., Lala, V., Gopalakrishna, P. (2018). The Marketing Analytics Orientation (MAO) of Firms: Identifying Factors That Create Highly Analytical Marketing Practices. Journal of Marketing Analytics. Read More >>

Branda, A. (2016). The Big Analytics Book Boston, Mass: Analytics Week. Read More >>