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Alvin Hwang

Director of AACSB Accreditation

Lubin School of Business

Management and Management Science

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PhD, University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California

Academic and Professional Engagement Activities

Alvin Hwang, Ph.D. is Professor of Management and Director of AACSB Accreditation. His research in management learning and education, and cross-cultural differences have appeared in the Academy of Management Learning and Education (AMLE), Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education (DSJIE), Human Resource Development International, Journal of Management Education, Journal of Workplace Learning, Management Research Review, Organization Management Journal (OMJ), and other journals. His publications have received best paper awards from different issues of the DSJIE, and also different years of the Management Education and Development Division (MED) of the Academy of Management Conference.

Dr. Hwang is also a highly regarded reviewer with numerous Outstanding Reviewer awards from both the AMLE and the MED division of the Academy of Management. His recent awards include Outstanding Reviewer Awards from the Academy of Management Learning and Education (2018), Outstanding Reviewer Award from the Academy of Management Learning and Education (2017) and an Exceptional Service Award from the Academy of Management (2014). He has been an Associate Editor of AMLE and OMJ, and currently sits on the Editorial Boards of both of these journals to review a range of paper submissions every year.

Dr. Hwang teaches classes in international management and management, and runs a doctoral seminar in cross-cultural management. He also works with first-year undergraduate students to help them with transition into college life.

Selected Contributions & Publications

Hwang, A., Bento, R.F., Arbaugh, B.J., Asarta, C.J., Cochran, J., Fornaciari, C.J., Jones, C. (2018). A cluster analysis of highly productive business and management education scholars. Journal of Education for Business. (19(1)), 21-30.

Bear, S.E., Hwang, A. (2017). Downsizing and the willingness to mentor. Journal of Workplace Learning. 29(2), 220-229.

Arbaugh, J.B., Fornaciari, C.J., Hwang, A. (2016). Identifying research topic development in business and management education research using Legitimation Code Theory. Journal Of Management Education. 40(6), 644-669.

Kaufman, S., Hwang, A. (2015). Cultural Intelligence and Mindfulness in Two French Banks Operating in the U.S. Environment. Management International Review. 38(9), 930-951.