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Chu-Hua Kuei


Lubin School of Business

Management and Management Science

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New York City

Fall 2018
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PhD, City U. of New York, NY, NY

Academic and Professional Engagement Activities

Dr. Chu-hua Kuei joined the Lubin School of Business in 1994. He received his Ph.D. in Business (Major: Management Planning Systems) from The City University of New York. Dr. Chu-hua Kuei’s teaching interests include data analytics, supply chain analytics, quality management and regularly teaches courses such as business analytics, advanced OR models, decision modeling for management. Dr. Chu-hua Kuei was recently recognized for the Shell-UNN CEMAC 2017 Annual Sustainability Scholar Award for his work in strategic management.

Dr. Chu-hua Kuei is the co-editor of Handbook of Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (2018) and Handbook of Sustainability Management (2012). Dr. Chu-hua Kuei has served as a journal reviewer for the Journal of Quality and Reliability Management since 2000 and in the past has also served as a reviewer for the International Journal of Operations and Production Management, Decision Science Journal, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, and International Journal of Production Economics. Dr. Chu-hua Kuei serves on the leadership team as the co-chair for the 3rd International workshop on big data for sustainable development.

In 2016, Dr. Chu-hua Kuei presented his research on Sustainability Management of Best-in-class Financial Institutions in the Age of Big Text Data at the 2nd International workshop on Big data for sustainable development to speak on sustainability initiatives in financial organizations and most recently in 2017, he published an article entitled “Critical Enablers of Sustainable Water Management (SWM): Text Evidences from 10 Countries” at the 3rd International workshop on Big data for sustainable development.

Selected Contributions & Publications

Kleinman, G., Kuei, C., Lee, P. (2017). Using A Formal Concept Analysis to Examine Water Disclosure in Corporate Social Responsibility Reports. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management. 24(4), 341-356. Read More >>

Madu, C., Kuei, C., Lee, P. (2017). Urban Sustainability Management: A Deep Learning Perspective. Sustainable Cities and Society. 301-17. Read More >>