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Harvey Markovitz

Clinical Professor
Founder and Director of the Lubin Sales Team

Lubin School of Business


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New York City

Fall 2020
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MS, NYU, With Distinction, NY, NY
Direct & Interactive Marketing

New School University/ Graduate Faculty Political and Social Studies, New York, NY USA
Completed course work in Philosophy 1965-68 no degree.

BA, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA
Political Science

Academic and Professional Engagement Activities

Professor Markovitz has more than 40 years' experience as a marketing, sales, and business development professional. Before founding his own company, HBM Associates Inc. as a management advisory service in 1981, he directed strategic planning, marketing, sales, administrative and financial activities within various departments of JCPenney and CBS, Inc. He was also the President of a major media barter company, Broadcast Marketing Inc. He created innovative product, marketing and financial strategies that resulted in increased profitable sales in both domestic and international markets. He primarily serves the needs of privately owned businesses as well as the C suite of public companies. He provides a myriad of marketing, sales and strategic planning consulting services. His corporate career at JCPenney's, CBS Inc. and Broadcast Marketing Inc. gave him eclectic experiences in retail merchandising, product development, catalog marketing, financial planning, sales team leadership, media planning and buying, barter trade, business development and organization efficiency. His primary area of consulting now is in Direct and Interactive Marketing as well as developing Professional Selling skills.

Award-winning Professor Markovitz's impact on students studying Direct Marketing can be measured by the more than 150 students who, since 2002, have won individual awards for excellence in Interactive Integrated Direct Marketing Strategy Planning in the DMEF- Marketing Edge International Collegiate ECHO competition (http://www.marketingedge.org/marketing-programs/collegiate-echo/challenge-history). In 2012, He was awarded the Silver Apple award by the Direct Marketing Club of New York for 25 years of demonstrated leadership within the direct marketing industry. http://dmcny.org/past-silver-apple-award honorees). Professor Markovitz was awarded the 2005 DMG Award for Outstanding Service to Direct and Interactive Marketing Education presented by Direct Marketers Gateway, Inc. Since 2002, he has been an annual winner of the DMEF-Marketing Edge Collegiate ECHO leadership award. Markovitz earned a Master of Science Degree (with distinction) in Direct and Interactive Marketing from New York University in 1999. He is a specialist in profit improvement through organization development and restructuring, marketing and media planning, financial and administrative processes as well as sales and management training.

Administrative Assignments
FOUNDER AND Direct the activities of the Lubin School's Interactive and Direct Marketing (IDM) Lab. both on the NYC campus and on the Pleasantville campus. This is a student run marketing agency. Job involves recruiting and training managers, training student interns in how to handle Lab client consulting activities, recruiting clients for the lab, raising external funding for the lab activities (not financially supported by the University).also involves supervising associate director who is assistant professor. (September 3, 2007 - Present).

Program and Curriculum Development
2017: introduced certification in Search Engine Marketing. Allows students to get certified in professional use of Search Engines and Key word advertising.
2017: Introduced program to get students certified in use of "Salesforce.com". world's most popular customer relationship management tool.

2017: DealBuiders, Inc., Consulting with the client and functioning as marketing agency to launch direct marketing campaigns for its targeted marketing and follow up with direct sales activities. Integrated media and marketing strategies to generate qualified leads and conversions to sales. , Massapequa, NY 11758.
2016: Port Sailing School, Consultation on how best to target customers in the NYC metro market using direct and interactive marketing strategies. 403 Main Street Port Washington, NY 11050.
2016: B Squared Printing, 2016- B Squared Printing. Consulting on direct marketing strategy development, writing advertising & direct mail copy, list development and prepared direct marketing mailing; recruited and trained sales team. West 28th Street, NYC.
2015: Oz Moving and Storage Company, Business Planning. Review of financial data, restructured data, defined value of company. New York, NY.
2015: BMI Fulfillment Services,, 2015-BMI Group Inc. consulting on direct marketing strategy development, writing advertising & direct mail copy, list development and prepared direct marketing mailing and website consulting. NYC. 51-53 Kenosia Ave., Danbury, CT 06810.
2014: Boca Lago Country Club, Boca Lago Golf Club marketing plan, market research, direct mail copy writing and plan execution of integrated direct marketing strategy. Boca Raton, FL. Boca Raton, Florida.
October 2015 - Present: Conference Attendance, "Direct Marketing Association Annual Conference", Direct Marketing Association, Gathering of suppliers and industry experts in the field of Direct Marketing.
attended seminars by topical experts, New York,, NY, USA, International.
October 2015 - Present: Conference Attendance, "Marketing Edge Conference (Direct Marketing Education Conference)", Marketing Edge, Gathering of Direct Marketing Higher Education instructors as well as presentation of research studies. Presented papers as well.
In November 2018 Professor Markovitz founded the Lubin Sales Team for the purpose of giving students practical selling experience in role play situations and competing in regional and national collegiate sales competitions.

Selected Contributions & Publications

Markovitz, H., Roman driven cu, E. (2010). The Marketing Continuum. In Ernan Roman (author of book and editor) (Ed.), Voice of the Customer Marketing. (pp. 1). New York: McGraw Hill. Read More >>

Markovitz, H., Spiller, L.D., Marold, D.W. (2010). Creating Winners for Life: How to Prepare Your Students to Become IDM Professionals by Using the DMEF's Collegiate ECHO Challenge as a Teaching Aid. Journal of Advertising Education. 14(1), 7. Read More >>

Spiller, L., Marold, D., Markovitz, H., Sandler, D. (2011). 50 Ways To Enhance Student Career Success:   In and Out of the Advertising and Marketing Classrooms. Journal of Advertising Education.

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Sandler, D., Markovitz, H., Long, M., Fain, D. (2014). The Intersection of Professional Selling and Direct/Interactive Marketing: Developing Transferable Skill Sets for Students Direct Marketing Association. Conference Proceeding.

Markovitz, H. (2018). Pedagogy and Cold Calling…Teaching students how to make “Gold Calls”. Dayton, Ohio 45420: Sales Educators Foundation. Read More >>