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Niso Abuaf

Clinical Professor

Lubin School of Business


  • @ New York City
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New York City

Spring 2018
Mon 4:30pm-5:30pm
Tue 12:30pm-4:30pm


PhD, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
International Finance

MBA, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

MSc (High Honors), Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois
Electrical and Biomedical Engineering

BSc ( High Hons), Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois
Electrical Engineering

Academic and Professional Engagement Activities

Dr. Niso Abuaf straddles the worlds of both academia and Wall Street. He has been Clinical Professor of Financial Economics at Pace University for close to ten years, having also taught at NYU’s Stern, and Chicago’s Booth. As a 35-year veteran of Wall Street, Dr. Abuaf is currently Chief Economist and Strategist at Samuel A. Ramirez and Co. Formerly, he was head of Global Financial Strategy at Credit Suisse, head of International Financial Strategy at Salomon Brothers/Citigroup, and Senior International Economist and Derivatives Specialist at J.P. Morgan Chase.

As a scholarly academic, Dr. Abuaf has published articles on: “Valuing International Equities,” “Estimating the Country-Risk Sensitivities of Emerging Market Equities,” “Corporate Liability Management in View of Macroeconomic Fundamentals,” “Ultra-Long Bonds,” “Shareholder Payout Policies,” “Valuing Illiquid Equity Securities,” and “Econometric Estimation of the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) Hypothesis.” Many consider his Journal of Finance PPP paper as a seminal contribution to empirical finance. This paper has been cited more than one thousand times. Moreover, Dr. Abuaf has been quoted in the Economist, Bloomberg News and the International Herald Tribune.

Dr. Abuaf’s current research interests span Global Macroeconomics and the Economics of Emerging Markets, Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurial Finance, Investment Strategies, and Applied Econometrics. His working papers include: “Efficient Frontier Strategies for Investing in International Equities,” “Efficient Frontier Strategies for Investing in International Fixed-Income Securities,” and “Estimating Corporate Optimal Cash by Monte Carlo Simulation.”

Recently, Dr. Abuaf has chaired five Corporate Finance sessions at the New York Annual Meetings of the Financial Management Association. He has also served on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Applied Finance for three years.

Dr. Abuaf has a global perspective, and has worked on marquee cross-border M&A transactions, and global capital market activities. Recently, he has presented papers at the Infiniti conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and at Bosporus, and Ozyegin Universities in Istanbul, Turkey.

As a service to Pace University, he has chaired the Curriculum Committee for more than three years and has been a member of the Scholarly Activities Committee for several years. He has also advised two doctoral students and one honors-thesis student.

Dr. Abuaf teaches International Economics and Finance, Macro and Micro Economics, Corporate Finance, Investments, Entrepreneurial Finance, Valuation, and Financial Policy.

As a Wall Street professional at Ramirez and Co., Dr. Abuaf is responsible for developing balance sheet management and shareholder value maximization strategies for corporates, and for formulating the Firm’s macroeconomic outlook.

Dr. Abuaf advises, and has advised blue-chip corporates including Apple, Amex, CenterPoint, Exelon, Facebook, GE, General Motors, Google, International Paper, Microsoft, Pfizer, Prudential, Verizon; and sovereigns such as the republics of Argentina, Korea, Peru, and Turkey. Dr. Abuaf has played leading roles in marquee capital raisings (Apple, Exelon, Facebook, Microsoft), and restructurings and M&A transactions (ATT, Repsol-YPF), and the development of an options market in Argentina.

When advising clients and formulating his strategies, Dr. Abuaf specializes in synthesizing the global macro outlook with econometric analysis, modern finance theory, behavioral-finance “irrationalities,” quantitative reasoning, and what-if scenario analysis.

In addition to his scholarly publications, Dr. Abuaf also publishes and has published commercial articles, or made presentations, on the “Global Macroeconomic Outlook,” “Blue-Sky Factors in Equity Valuation,” “Economic, Behavioral, and Empirical Drivers of Capital Structure and Shareholder Payout Policies,” “Share Buybacks,” “Drivers of Dividend Policy,” “Fix-Floating Mix and Maturity Profile of Optimal Debt Portfolios,” “Statistical Drivers of Credit Ratings,” “Modeling the Yield Curve,” “Estimating the Equity Cost of Capital by Using the Fama-French-Carhart Model,” “Estimating the Pricing Behavior of Large Bond Offerings,” “Responses of Bank Stocks to Yield-Curve Shocks,” “Foreign Currency Options and Other Derivatives,” “The Characteristics and Management of Foreign Exchange Risk,” “Estimating the International Cost of Capital,” “Estimating the Industry Cost of Equity and Estimating the Equity Market Risk Premium,” “Estimating the Market’s Response to Issuing Mandatory Convertible Securities in Conjunction with Common Stock,” “The Economics of Issuing Convertible Debt,” and “Estimating the Value of Privately Held Electric and Gas Utilities.”

Dr. Abuaf has lectured to large audiences such as the National Association of Securities Professionals, the diversity-based suppliers of the Prudential Insurance Company, and the Young Presidents Organization.

Dr. Abuaf received a BS and MS in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern University, and an MBA and a PhD in Financial Economics from the University of Chicago. His Ph.D. dissertation explores the role of real and monetary shocks on the real exchange rate. His 1974 MS dissertation was on “The Detection of Arteriosclerosis by Ultrasound.”

Dr. Abuaf is an avid tennis player and skier. His interests include domestic and global travel, the ballet, the opera and the theater, jazz and classical music. He is a history buff with an emphasis on the history of science and innovation, economic history, and the history of economic thought. He is fluent in French, Spanish, and Turkish, and has a working knowledge of German and Italian.

Dr. Abuaf is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations, Economic Club of New York, Financial Management Association, Forecasters Club of New York, National Association of Business Economics, New York Association of National Business Economists, and the Turkish-American Business Forum.

Dr. Abuaf has a son, a daughter, and a granddaughter.

Selected Contributions & Publications

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