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Noushi Rahman

Director, Doctoral Program in Business

Lubin School of Business

Management and Management Science

  • @ New York City
    163 William Street 1604
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New York City

Spring 2020
Mon 1:00pm-6:00pm


PhD, Graduate Center/Baruch College, CUNY, New York, NY
Business (Strategic Management)

Academic and Professional Engagement Activities

Dr. Noushi Rahman is a Professor of Management. He is the Management concentration advisor of Lubin's doctoral program and also the course coordinator of the undergraduate capstone course. He joined the Lubin School of Business in 2003.

The courses he has taught include Business Strategy (MGT 490) and Organizational Behavior (MGT 322) at the undergraduate level, Competitive Business Strategy (MGT 637), Corporate Diversification Strategy (MGT 638), and Business Strategy and Stakeholder Responsibility (MBA 688) at the graduate (masters) level, and Seminar in Strategic Management (MGT 836) at the graduate (doctoral) level. He is heavily engaged in incorporating technology to enhance learning. In recent years, he has developed content for publisher-supported online platforms (e.g., Connect by McGraw Hill), redesigned content for online courses, and taught numerous online-only courses for the iPace program.

Dr. Rahman's research interests include cooperative and competitive strategy; corporate social and environmental responsibility, and corporate misconduct and reputation. His papers have been published in Journal of Business Ethics, Business & Society, and Long Range Planning among others. From 2005-2014, he served as a member of the editorial board of Group and Organization Management. He has reviewed for Organization Studies, Long Range Planning, Journal of Business Ethics, and Business & Society among others.

At Pace University, Dr. Rahman received several awards including the University Faculty Award for Distinguished Service and the Green Pace Award. As an active scholar of the University, he has received the Wilson Center Fellowship and the Pace Academy Fellowship.

Selected Contributions & Publications

Sampath, V., Rahman, N. (2018). Bribery in MNEs: The dynamics of corruption culture distance and organizational distance to core values. Journal of Business Ethics. 1-19.

Sampath, V., Gardberg, N., Rahman, N. (2018). Corporate reputation's invisible hand: Bribery, rational choice, and market penalties. Journal of Business Ethics. 151(2), 743-760.

Post, C., Rahman, N., McQuillen, C. (2015). From board composition to corporate environmental performance through sustainability-themed alliances. Journal of Business Ethics. 130(2), 423-435. Read More >>