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Shinwon Noh

Assistant Professor

Lubin School of Business

Management and Management Science

  • @ New York City
    One Pace Plaza W-491
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New York City

Fall 2020
(by appointment)


PhD, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
Organizational Behavior

Academic and Professional Engagement Activities

Dr. Noh is an Assistant Professor of Management. She is an organization theorist with a background in organizational sociology whose research interests include organizational identity, product categories, and occupations. Much of her research focuses on cultural/nonprofit organizations including art museums, media organizations, foundations, and higher education institutions.

Dr. Noh has published articles in management/sociology journals such as Poetics and Journal of Media Business Studies, and served as a reviewer for Administrative Science Quarterly, Organization Science, Journal of Management Inquiry, and Poetics.

Dr. Noh received a PhD in Organizational Behavior from Cornell University.

Selected Contributions & Publications

Noh, S. (2020). Dual portfolio management strategies of online subscription video on demand (SVOD) companies: A genre perspective. Journal of Media Business Studies.

Noh, S., Tolbert, P. (2019). Organizational Identities of U.S. Art Museums and Audience Reactions. Poetics. 72

Baugher, D., Noh, S., Ramos, C. (2016). The relationship of online Netflix user reviews to days to sale for new DVDs on Amazon. Academy of Marketing Studies Journal. 20(2 (Fall)), 135-148. Read More >>