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Susanne O'Callaghan


Lubin School of Business


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Fall 2019
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BS, City University of New York,

MA, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska

PhD, University of Cincinnatti, Cincinnatti, Ohio

Academic and Professional Engagement Activities

Audit Committee, Community Health Action of Staten Island 2014-present

Selected Contributions & Publications

Calloway, L., O'Callaghan, S., Dwyer, C., Walker, J., Elson, R. (2018). ASSESSING PERCEIVED DIGITAL LITERACY BETWEEN COMPUTER SCI ENCE MAJORS AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS MAJORS: A PILOT STUDY. A.I.I.E. Transactions. 1(2), 18. Read More >>

Jacob, R., O'Callaghan, S., Cho, M. (2016). Effects of Dodd-Frank Act on Audit Fees in the Oil and Gas Sector. Oil, Gas & Energy Quarterly. 64(4), 711-717.

Tang, Y., O'Callaghan, S. (2015). Earnings Management and Ethical Challenges at the Succulent Cooking Inc. – A Case. Journal of International Academy for Case Studies, Instructor's Notes. Read More >>

Rechtman, Y., O'Callaghan, S. (2014). Crowdfunding: The Future That is Here. CPA Journal, The. (November), 30-33. Read More >>

O'Callaghan, S., Patel, U., Walker, J.P., Elson, R., Wood, L., Wood, D. (2014). Are Auditors Influenced by the Attire Worn by Clients? A Pilot Study. Journal of Finance and Accountancy. 151-6. Read More >>