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Susanne O'Callaghan


Lubin School of Business


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New York City

Spring 2020
Tue 3:00pm-6:00pm
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BS, City University of New York,

MA, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska

PhD, University of Cincinnatti, Cincinnatti, Ohio

Academic and Professional Engagement Activities

Audit Committee, Community Health Action of Staten Island 2014-present

Selected Contributions & Publications

Donabedian, B., O'Callaghan, S., Elson, R., Walker, J., Dwyer, C. (2019). Peacefulness of Nations and the Use of International Financial Reporting Standards. Global Journal of Accounting and Finance. 3(1), Page 68 and on. Read More >>

Calloway, L., O'Callaghan, S., Walker, J., Dwyer, C., Elson, R. (2018). Assessing Perceived Digital Literacy Between Computer Science Majors and Information Systems Majors: A Pilot Study. Global Journal of Business Pedagogy. 2(1), 31-46. Read More >>

Jacob, R., O'Callaghan, S., Cho, M. (2016). Effects of Dodd-Frank Act on Audit Fees in the Oil and Gas Sector. Oil, Gas and Energy Quarterly. 64(4), 711-717.

Tang, Y., O'Callaghan, S. (2015). Earnings Management and Ethical Challenges at the Succulent Cooking Inc. – A Case. Journal of International Academy for Case Studies, Instructor's Notes. 21(1), 16 – 20. Read More >>

Rechtman, Y., O'Callaghan, S. (2014). Crowdfunding: The Future That is Here. CPA Journal, The. (November), 30-33. Read More >>