Our World-Class Faculty

When we say our faculty members have real world experience, we mean they know their professions inside and out, and have risen to the top. Among our faculty you will find individuals who, before they joined Lubin, served as:

  • Principal financial officer at Citibank
  • CEO of Viacom Entertainment
  • President of Griffin Bacal

At the globally recognized, nationally ranked Lubin School of Business, these are the kind of experts who will guide you as you gain the skills, experiences, and contacts to accelerate your rising career.

Small Classes Make These Experts Accessible

From accounting to economics, management to marketing, the faculty at Lubin bring their experience and knowledge to you as:

  • Teachers in classes that average 25 students
  • Advisers for your academic and career choices
  • Mentors of your professional growth

Even with all of their impressive accomplishments as scholars and in the professional world, the faculty at Lubin share one common trait - a passion for teaching. Whether it's course work, special research projects, or extracurricular activities, your professors will offer a truly uncommon level of accessibility. Learn from a professor who is serving as chair of the Advertising Research Foundation. Or one who has overseen business institutes in eight different countries and directed more than 20 international seminars. Or another who served as the first general manager of the Saudi American General Electric Company. Their expertise is expansive, and they bring it into your classroom every day.

Learn from Scholars Who Impact the World

Your professors at Lubin are respected scholars as well as experienced business leaders. Our faculty include sought-after international experts on (among many areas of expertise):

  • The role of the internal auditor
  • Global marketing management
  • Strategic total quality management
  • Business school curriculum

Their experience as the leading thinkers in their respective fields will equip you with the most current and cutting-edge knowledge.

Faculty Profiles

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