Pace Entrepreneurship Studio on the New York City Campus

Entrepreneurs at the Front Yard

In today's world, entrepreneurship and innovation go hand-in-hand.

Many of the capabilities that seemed like science fiction years ago are a reality today; in this environment, a new generation of students and young professionals need to be ready and willing to take the right steps to be part of the new world we all share.

Pace University's Front Yard program, which is part of the Pace Entrepreneurship Studio (PES), is an educational platform that aims to build the most advanced "toolbox" that Pace University students, alumni, and faculty can use to pursue their entrepreneurial endeavors.

PES supports new startups, from ideation to funding—from conception to operation. Our mission is to teach the Pace community "how" and to support the "what—providing students and alumni with a complete blueprint for establishing successful businesses.

The Front Yard is pleased to host a series of lectures delivered by individuals who are successful entrepreneurs and innovators in their respective fields. These individuals have an exciting story to tell about their professional lives, which will allow audiences to learn firsthand about challenges, victories, and failures they have experienced.

Speakers will share perspectives, personal reflections, and memories that have built their self-esteem and made them who they are today.

A series of lectures will take place at One Pace Plaza (4th floor), on the New York City Campus, on a monthly basis; they will be 45 minutes long, with 15 minutes for Q&A.

No presentations, slides, or other materials are needed; lectures will be direct, honest, and unmediated to create enthusiasm and generate passion for entrepreneurship and innovation within the next generation of young entrepreneurs at Pace University.