The Process

The EMBA program begins with a week-long orientation residency during which students learn to use its problem-oriented educational approach and electronic instructional platform, Blackboard. Blackboard is designed to support and facilitate collaboration via the Internet. The orientation residency also helps students to learn to acquire information from many sources, including the Internet and Pace's extensive library holdings, many of which can be accessed electronically.

All residency sessions, including the orientation residency, are held at Pace's Downtown Conference Center, 157 William Street, in lower Manhattan. The Center is equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment in its tiered main room that allows faculty to illustrate their presentations with spreadsheets, PowerPoint, and other visual content. All rooms in the Center provide both wireless and wired connectivity to the Internet, allowing students direct access to a wide variety of documents and business data during interactive plenary and team sessions.

Students work in teams throughout the orientation to complete a sample mini project. In a recent orientation, students analyzed a potential merger of Microsoft and Accenture.

Throughout the EMBA program, students communicate with each other and with faculty using the Internet based instructional platform, Blackboard. Through this medium, students can work asynchronously in teams toward project completion while becoming proficient collaborative problem-solvers. Faculty continually track team progress and intervene, as needed, to provide information, ask questions, or make suggestions.

Students acquire information for their projects from many sources, including the vast array of data available on the Internet. Their individual development occurs not only through project work but also through completion of learning exercises and conceptually oriented virtual discussions offered by the faculty. When individual students have difficulty understanding a concept or analytical issue, they can quickly obtain support from faculty or other students.

The Residency Calendar For Cycle 16

Module Number/Title Module Dates Residency Dates
MBA 710 – Orientation Aug 29 – Sept 2, 2015 Aug 29 – Sept 2, 2015
MBA 712 - Business Strategy Sept 3 – Nov 14, 2015 Sept 3 – 4
MBA 711 - Business Analysis and Statistics Nov 14 – Jan 23, 2016 Nov 13 – 15
MBA 718 - Organizational Behavior and Change Jan 23 – April 2, 2016 Jan 22 – 24, 2016
MBA 716 - Finance April 2 – June 11, 2016 April 1 – 3
MBA 715 - Marketing June 11 – Aug 20, 2016 June 10 – 12
MBA 714 - Operations Management Aug 20 – Oct 29, 2016 Aug 19 – 21
MBA 713 - Global Corporate Diversification Strategy Oct 29 – Jan 7, 2017 Oct 28 – 30
MBA 717 - Public Policy Jan 7 – March 18, 2017 Jan 6 – 7
MBA 719 - Independent Research Project and Business Simulation March 18 – May 27, 2017 March 17 – 19
Final Residency - May 19 - 20

The Residency Calendar For Cycle 15
[Cycle 15 



(left to right) Zeko Abas (Arbinent), Brian Disken (Countrywire Securities), Chris Roker (Beth Israel Medical Center), Kevin Farrell (Federal Reserve Bank)

Cycle 7 at BBQ during Orientation Residency with Prof. James Hall, Management (far left), Provost Joseph Morreale (in dark suit), and Lubin Dean Joseph Baczko (center), August 2006

Pace recognizes your need for flexibility—on-campus residencies are held just once every ten weeks.

"It is still one of my most intense experiences. Each time I returned to New York I realized how much more I had to learn, and how much better I was at doing it. The Pace EMBA program provided me with more than knowledge, it provided me with the confidence to succeed in any situation."

David Cantor, Cycle 1
Law Clerk for the Hon. Phillip Lewis Paley, JSC
Middlesex (NJ) County Courthouse