A Typical Weekend Residency

A Typical Weekend Residency

The on-campus residency weekends your colleagues in the Pace EMBA become extended family, providing a strong personal and professional support network. These residencies consist of three, and two-day weekends spaced 10 weeks apart. The three-day residencies (6 total) allows students to engage with and solve high-level business challenges facing actual companies. The two-day residencies (3 total) follow quantitative modules that do not have projects. Its structure omits the presentation. See our schedule for the specific dates.

Typical Three-day Residency


  • Finalization of the teams' projects and presentations
  • Lunch
  • Team's presentations to the faculty and a panel of industry experts with feedback
  • Free evening allowing final preparation for the module examination


  • The examination
  • Lunch
  • Introduction of the next module and faculty lectures
  • Breakout sessions for teams to organize for the upcoming module and project
  • Celebratory dinner


  • Hotel check-out
  • Continued faculty lectures and team breakout sessions
  • Final session and adjournment

More detail on the three-day Residency

On Friday morning of a weekend residency, EMBA students arrive at the Pace University at 8 a.m. for a continental breakfast and at 9 a.m. join their project teams for a final rehearsal before their afternoon presentation. These group presentations begin after lunch and are limited to 30 minutes, followed by feedback from a panel of industry experts. Faculty may join in the discussion, but their formal assessment is contained in their written evaluation of each team's recommendations for the project. Following the presentations, students check into their hotel and spend the evening interacting with each other and preparing for the module examination.

The examination takes place on Saturday morning. It involves subject matter from the entire module, not just the project, and is a quality check to make sure individual students are grasping the principles and methodologies related to each module.

After lunch, lectures on the next module begin as well as an introduction to the next project. The module instructor briefs the students on the Individual Learning Exercises that they will complete during the module and on other requirements, such as Blackboard-based discussion boards. Teams are also given the opportunity during a breakout session to prepare and organize for the new undertaking. Each is assigned a facilitator who provides general support during the module.

On Saturday evening, students, faculty, and staff enjoy dinner together at a lower Manhattan restaurant to celebrate finishing a module and to generate energy for the next challenge.

Faculty lectures and team project work continue on Sunday. The residency concludes in mid-afternoon.