Graduate Organizations Mission and Goals

Beta Alpha Psi

Graduate Division Charted Fall 2014

Mission: Beta Alpha Psi is the national honor and professional fraternity for students of accounting, finance, and information systems. As the premier professional accounting and business information fraternity, Beta Alpha Psi recognizes academic excellence and complements members' formal education by providing interaction between students, faculty, and professionals, and by encouraging ethical conduct, and public service.

Goals: Beta Alpha Psi brings excellent students and business professionals together and fosters professional and social development by sponsoring activities that enhance the educational experience and broaden the perspective of each member. The Pace chapter has earned “Superior Chapter” status nationally each year since its inception.

CSSA: Chinese Student & Scholar Association

Chartered 2011

Mission: PACE CSSA provides a variety of services to Pace Chinese students, scholars, and alumni, including propagating Chinese culture, providing an information platform, and guiding members in school life, career and culture activities.

Goals: PACE CSSA is dedicated to the goal of promoting social, intellectual and cultural activities for Chinese students and scholars at Pace University and for other interested members of the Pace community. PACE CSSA aims to promote communication, friendship and academic exchange among its members, and to provide help and services to its members, especially those who are new to Pace University. PACE CSSA serve Chinese students, scholars, alumni and other interested members of Pace community.

Pace Graduate Finance Club

Chartered 2008

Mission: The mission of Pace Graduate Finance Club ("Pace GFC") it to provide students with a forum to explore and engage in various aspects of the financial world. Pace GFC's provides students with the opportunity to learn more about the financial industry from industry executives, Lubin alumni, and faculty members through panel discussions and lecture events. The club gives students an outlet to explore different career options, connect with industry professionals, in addition to share and discuss current financial events with their peers.

Goals: The goal of Pace GFC is to increase students’ knowledge and skills in finance, professional networking and the financial industry as a whole. The club serves to prepare young professionals for successful careers and to create more competitive and knowledgeable candidates in the global financial market.

Human Resources & Talent Management Club

Chartered 2010

Mission: The mission of the Human Resources & Talent Management Club is to provide Lubin graduate students of Pace University with an opportunity to learn from HR professionals at club events and to give students an outlet to share ideas and discuss current HR topics as well as exploring career options by participating in group discussions. Its goal is to assist in the preparation of students for successful careers in the global environment and to promote relationships within the business community.

Goals:The goals of HRTM Club are to invite speakers from the business community to give talks about their industry, background, and what it takes to achieve success in their field. Moreover, our goal is to enhance student’s knowledge and skills in Human Resources, professional networking, and the HR industry as a whole. This includes learning about career options from each other as well as from industry professionals. The HRTM Club serves to create a more competitive candidate in the job market, improve career services for Lubin graduate students, and address the needs of graduate students and use our strength in numbers to facilitate change.

Lubin Graduate Marketing Society

Chartered Fall 2017

Mission: The mission of the Lubin Graduate Marketing Society (LGMS) is to enhance Pace University Graduate Students’ academic and professional experiences, expand their practical knowledge and awareness about opportunities in the marketing industry, foster deeper relationships among Lubin graduate students, faculty and staff, and provide networking opportunities through social and professional events, fundraisers, interactive workshops and guest lectures by industry professionals.

Goals: The goal and intent of LGMS is to assist and promote Pace graduate students as they advance their careers in the marketing, advertising or public relations industry. This shall be achieved through professional networking events, fun and interactive learning sessions with peers, industry professional guests, marketing competitions, and volunteer work. LGMS serves to increase the competitiveness and knowledge of Pace University Graduate students and to endorse them as excellent candidates in the job market.

Lubin Women in Leadership

Chartered Fall 2014

Mission: Our mission is to offer women of Lubin Graduate School of Business a platform that allows them to learn and grow professionally and personally. The challenges that women face are unique and if we work together we can create a culture where we all can achieve our goals.

Goals: The goal of this organization is to host events that foster growth and learning for women to excel in business and leadership. We promote an environment that encourages people to step out of their comfort zones and challenge their abilities in leadership; which leads to personal and professional development and a new realization of one’s own potential. We are hoping to not only build employees for the future but to build managers and leaders.

PISA: Pace Indian Student Association

Chartered Fall 2013

Mission: The primary objective of the Pace Indian Student Association is to represent the growing number of Indian students attending Lubin. It shall also seek to facilitate mentorship to international students to bridge the cultural gap as well as project vital aspects of the Indian culture to a global audience. With the Indian economy growing at more than 7% for the last decade and the higher education sector in India opening up to foreign investment, there are interesting synergies to be explored in the future and the Indian students can provide important inroads.

Goals:The goals of PISA are to invite speakers from the Indian/Indian American community to present their experiences in the industry, their background, and what it takes to achieve success in their field. Moreover, PISA’s goals are to organize debates, discussions, and seminars on the current political and economic developments in India.

Toastmasters International

Chartered Fall 2013

Mission and Goals: We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.