Combined JD/MBA Program

Combined degree programs combine graduate level business administration courses with study in other fields. These programs allow students to prepare for a career that combines two academic areas in less time than would be required if they followed both programs separately.


The School of Law and the Lubin School of Business offer a combined program of study in law and graduate level business administration. The aim of the program is to provide students with the opportunity to acquire an education in both law and business administration in a closely integrated course of study in the two fields. Upon satisfactory completion of the required course of study, candidates are awarded both the MBA and JD degrees.

The JD portion of the program is given at the School of Law at the White Plains campus and the MBA portion at the New York City campus (except for MBA in Accounting, which may be taken at either NYC or Westchester).


Applicants must meet the independent admission requirements of each school in order to be admitted to the combined program. Applicants should follow the application process for the Pace University School of Law and the Lubin School of Business, which includes taking the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT), and the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). Admission to either the School of Law or the Lubin School of Business does not guarantee admission to the other school. Students who begin in the MBA program must apply to and be accepted be the School of Law by the end of their first year of full-time business study or by the end of their second year of part-time study. Students who begin in the Law School must apply and be accepted by the Lubin School of Business no later than during the fourth semester of law study (if in the three year program), or no later than during the fifth semester of law study (if in the four year program).

Once a student in either the School of Law or the Lubin School of Business has been admitted to the other school, the student should notify the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the School of Law and the Director of Academic Advisement or Associate Dean of the Lubin School of Business of his or her intention to participate in the program.

Course of Study

The combined degree program enables a full-time student to complete the requirements for both degrees in four years rather than the five years required if each degree is pursued separately. For a typical candidate in the combined degree program a total of 129 credits is required: 80 from the School of Law and 49 from the Lubin School of Business. The total number of credits required in the Lubin School varies based on the student's previous coursework. Full-time students may commence their studies at either the Lubin School of Business or the School of Law. The typical course sequences for these course tracks are described in the Graduate Catalog.

Student Advisement

Students admitted to the MBA/JD program are assigned advisors in each school to help them in the selection of courses and definition of their career objectives. The reciprocal recognition of courses by each school is essential to the combined program. Therefore, students in the program must receive prior approval from the appropriate dean for any course proposed to be taken in the other. Business school students will receive a Program Analysis Sheet (PAS) that outlines their specific degree requirements.

The MBA/JD program is ranked among the best Masters in Business and Commercial Law by EDUNIVERSAL, an organization which ranks the top global business programs in the world.