Business Honors Program

Distinguish yourself among your peers by accepting the challenges and rewards of the Business Honors Program at the globally recognized, nationally ranked Lubin School of Business:
  • Learning communities that enhance your regular courses
  • Exceptional networking opportunities
  • International study trips
  • Acclaimed visitors and speakers
  • Community service you design
  • Outstanding growth as a leader
  • An honors thesis as a capstone experience
Offered through Pace's acclaimed Pforzheimer Honors College, this program allows you to show the world your full potential.

A Full Program of Challenges and Rewards

From your freshman to your senior year, the Business Honors Program (BHP) has additional challenges and rewards that will help you become a truly outstanding business leader:
  • All Years: Special Events, Tickets, and Support
    Participation in the BHP brings a world of rewards, including:

    • Speakers and workshops just for you
    • Reserved tickets to select Lubin events
    • An Honors Program adviser
    • An academic merit scholarship of $15,000
    • $1,000 scholarship for study abroad
    • Support for national scholarships, fellowships, and funded research programs such as the Fulbright Award, the National Science Foundation's Research Experiences for Undergraduates, and the Watson Fellowship

  • Freshman and Sophomore: Join a Topical Learning Community
    Supplement your course work with a for-credit learning community that integrates what you're learning in two or more classes.

  • Junior and Senior Years: Take Honors - Enhanced Courses
    Challenge yourself with the BHP core courses (there's a separate list for combined BBA/MBA Public Accounting majors), taught by Lubin's most esteemed professors. "Executing the Leadership Function" challenges you to put your thinking into practice through one or more volunteer projects.

  • Senior Year: Research and Write Your Thesis
    In your final year, study research methodology and put it to practice as you design, conduct, and document your own independent research project.

Combine Your Strengths with Ours

  • Lubin puts you at the center of the world's business networks
  • One university - two campus experiences
  • Student organizations to sharpen your leadership skills and expand your professional network
  • Work with dedicated teachers and mentors who know business, inside and out
  • Elite accreditation, shared by fewer than 2% of business schools
  • Globally connected colleagues:

Choose Lubin for Your Business Education

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Powerful Results for Your Career
What you learn at Lubin, the contacts you generate, and the New York City experiences you integrate will position you to take your career to the highest possible echelon.Notable undergraduate alumni include:
Follow the Leader
Meet Lubin Business Honors Program alumna Nicole Cardoza, who was featured on NBC's School Pride. Nicole is an education hero who is working hard to make ours a more colorful world by volunteering to teach yoga for the after-school program at PS 191. Nicole majored in Marketing/International Business. She began her community service at PS 191 as part of the MGT 366 - Leadership Principles and Practice course requirement for BHP.

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