At Lubin we give you more than just our exceptional academics.
We give you access.

As a Lubin student, you are not only given access to small classes, flexible schedules, and well-connected faculty, but to an array of resources that will help you work toward greatness.

Learn about the three actual businesses on the Pleasantville campus that were launched by Lubin students. The students gained relevant experience in running a business while still in college. And you don't need to be an entrepreneurship major to participate. Entrepreneurship is for everyone because it's about how to take an idea and make it a reality. You can do it too.

Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Advisement is a resource for Lubin students to guide them throughout their academic careers. If you need information on degree requirements, major or course selections, you can meet with your assigned faculty advisor. At Lubin, there are no barriers, only solutions.

We are committed to making a Pace education affordable. Our Scholarships and Financial Aid area details dozens of scholarships awarded to students on the basis of academic merit, service to the community, and financial need. These include the Lubin Golf Classic scholarship, Alumni Achievement Award scholarship, field study and study abroad scholarships, and more. Over 91% of the University's entering freshmen receive scholarships or grants funded by Pace, and 95% of freshmen receive some type of financial aid. We can help you!

Professional career counselors are also available to help you develop job search strategies and interview skills and provide you with access to job search databases, online job postings, and even job referrals. Upon graduation, you can continue to meet with career counselors for as long as you'd like. These benefits are for life.
  • Small Classes
    Because classes in the Lubin School are small, averaging 25 students, they provide a supportive environment for learning. Lubin faculty members guide students in their progress with course work, special research projects, and extracurricular activities.

  • Executive and Entrepreneur in Residence Programs
    The Lubin Executive in Residence Program and Entrepreneur in Residence Program provide students with a unique opportunity to meet face-to-face with entrepreneurs and leaders of industry from around the world. Top corporate executives interact with Lubin students and faculty, both in the classroom and in informal settings.

  • Honor Societies and Professional Organizations
    Student leadership organizations enable Lubin students to get involved in the corporate life of the student body. Leadership groups concern themselves with both academic and co-curricular aspects of student life. Lubin students are known as achievers. They consistently receive national and regional recognition for their accomplishments.

  • Scholarships and Financial Aid
    Pace University is committed to making a Pace education affordable. Each year, more than 75% of the University's entering freshmen receive direct scholarships or grants from Pace, and more than 92% of freshmen receive some type of financial aid. For graduate students, scholarships, assistantships, fellowships, and grants are available from both the university and from private, corporate, and scholarly organizations.

  • Academic Advisement
    The Office of Graduate Academic Advisement functions as the main information point and advisement center for graduate students in the Lubin School of Business. Graduate Advisement assigns faculty advisors, offers academic counseling, and provides advising services regarding such issues as course selection, dropping/adding courses as well as informal advisement. The Lubin Office of Undergraduate Academic Advisement is a resource for Lubin students throughout their academic careers. New full-time business majors (freshmen and transfer students) are assigned faculty advisors in their intended major by the Lubin Office of Undergraduate Academic Advisement located on each campus.

  • Academic Resources and Facilities
    Pace has a growing national reputation for offering students opportunity, teaching and learning based on research, civic involvement, an international perspective, and measurable outcomes. Resources for students include libraries on each campus, smart classrooms, wireless Internet access, real-time trading room, networking events, international field studies, and many other academic resources and facilities. Click for more information about resources for students.

More information on student awards and programs, honor societies and professional organizations, and additional resources can be found in the sidebar to the right.