Pace University students wearing masks in front of One Pace Plaza

Uncharted Territory: Pace Finds its Way During the Pandemic

By Alyssa Cressotti ’08, ‘18This year was hard; for everyone. For you at home and for us at Pace—for our students, for their families, and for the faculty and staff charged with providing opportunity to everyone in our community. There was nothing easy or familiar about navigating the uncharted waters of making a university function during a global pandemic, but we did our best. Not everything was perfect, and we sacrificed a lot, but our hearts were in it. We started in mid-January and we haven’t stopped since. Our community came together in the face of a seemingly insurmountable challenge. We were resilient. Steadfast. Hardworking. Through long days and even longer nights, people from all across the University worked together to accomplish what we set out to do…we brought our students back to campus and we kept our community safe. As the fall semester comes to a close, we look back on the journey that brought us to this point, and we look towards a brighter future.Preparing for the Worst With the goal of keeping the Pace Community safe, our emergency preparedness team regularly runs drills and tabletop exercises for a variety of scenarios—earthquakes, floods, fires, active shooters, bears on campus, chemical spills, loss of electricity, tornadoes. Clearly, some of these scenarios are more likely than others, but the University teams prepare for them, nonetheless. No detail goes overlooked: safety and security on the ground; meal delivery; managing...
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Pace Professors on How COVID-19 Changed Everything

By Lance PaukerIn March 2020, the modern world as we’ve come to know it screeched to a sudden, extraordinary halt. The COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be arguably the most devastating crisis of the 21st century, with far-reaching consequences that have fundamentally altered everything from our global economic system to going out and picking up coffee. Given the unprecedented nature of the situation we find ourselves in, Pace professors across myriad fields have weighed in on how to make sense of COVID-19; from being on the front lines in an intensive care unit, to changing norms in screen time and parenting, to assessing the vast economic fallout wrought by the unexpected realities of this year.   Here’s what they have to say…Critical Care on the Frontlines Ingrid Gunther, DNP, AGACNP-BC, FNP-C Clinical Associate Professor, Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program College of Health Professions I could feel my warm breath against my face and sweat dripping down my back as I stood at the side of my patient’s bed in my plastic gown, gloves, mask, and shield. I imagine, to a patient, this uniform limited the ability to forge a close human connection. As she took her last breath, I held her hand and...
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Career Prep in the Time of COVID

By Jillian Gorry ’11, '21Imagine you’re 20 years old—at home for spring break and psyched for the summer internship you just landed. It’s at a great company, it’s the right fit, and you’re looking forward to learning so much. But then, you find out that you can’t go back to your residence hall. And that all of your classes at Pace have been moved online. And then, to your shock and horror: the amazing company you can’t wait to intern for has put your internship on hold—lack of funding, the email says. Bad news on top of even worse news. So, what’s next?Just as news of countless canceled summer internships broke in the wake of the rising COVID-19 pandemic, Career Services at Pace announced a brand-new initiative: New York Recovery Internships, a program which would fund Pace students to work for nonprofit organizations that are supporting communities in need in and around New York City and Westchester. For more than 65 Pace students, many of whom had their summer internship plans canceled due to the pandemic, this opportunity allowed them to...