Doctors sitting at a laptop

Wearable Tech for Saving Lives

Seidenberg Professor Zhan Zhang, PhD, was recently awarded a $175,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to continue research pertaining to wearable technologies for health care workers. Imagine you’re in the back of an ambulance and the emergency medical crew is tending to you—maybe they’re doing chest compressions, maybe they’re checking your vitals, or trying to staunch bleeding. Whatever the scenario, when it comes to emergency medicine, you don’t want the lifesaving team to take...
Pace University, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences Assistant Professor, Melvin Williams

Research: LaVar Ball and Building a Media Agenda

In an award-winning research paper, Dyson Assistant Professor Melvin Williams examines how LaVar Ball was successfully able to build a media agenda while simultaneously countering stereotypes faced by Black athletes and fathers. “Before I moved to New York City, I lived in Huntsville, Alabama,” explains Dyson Assistant Professor of Communication Studies Melvin Williams, PhD. While still living in Huntsville, Williams’ hardcore sports fanatic barber would regularly have ESPN playing on the...