Elisabeth Haub School of Law

Spring 2020

Horace E. Anderson Jr., Dean of the Elisabeth Haub School of Law

Dreaming Big

“On any given day, my mom and dad might’ve been studying for an exam, attending parent-teacher conferences, or writing a research paper—all while working full-time and getting three meals on the table,” says Horace E. Anderson Jr., JD, the newly-appointed Dean of the Elisabeth Haub School of Law. “It couldn’t have been easy, but they were our example. That might be why my three sisters and I have 11 degrees between us.” For Anderson, whose parents immigrated to the US from Jamaica more than 50...

10 Things to Inspire You - Spring 2020

1. The Winner’s Circle Lubin School of Business graduate students Hifza Rahim ’19, Sushmitha Mudda ’20, and Manushi Dave ’20 won the A+E Networks’ 2019 Interactive Case Competition! Their innovative new streaming model, which capitalizes on ad skipping, beat out the competition. They qualified as one of the top four teams in the first round, and in the second, they beat out the likes of Carnegie Mellon, NYU, and Drexel. By the end, all three Setters swept the competition and won first prize. 2...

Spring 2018

Westchester Undergraduate

Commencement 2018

This May, thousands of Pace University students will celebrate their accomplishments with a turn of the tassel and a wave of the diploma at Commencement 2018. The Class of 2018—who will go on to exciting careers as actors and accountants, educators and entrepreneurs, lawyers and leaders, and so much more—will hear from notable speakers.
Female Pace University student at The Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy

Global Impact

By Jillian Gorry ’11 Students travel abroad and return home, eager to share what they learned and committed to changing the world—one step at a time. It’s the first day of a new semester, and Pace students are ready to move. They packed all the essentials: laptop, charger, textbooks, a few snacks, and of course, their passport. That’s because they’ll be meeting their professor at JFK airport in just a few hours. Wouldn’t want to be late to class in another country! Study abroad has always been a mainstay in higher education, but what about a more structured travel experience for students looking to take advantage of an education beyond...
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