Leadership Letter

Winter 2021

Pace University President, Marvin Krislov and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mark Besca

Thank You!

By Marvin Krislov and Mark M. Besca ’81 More than anything else, we want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone in the Pace Community for working together to get us through this challenging year. Thank you to the committed Class of 2020, who kept up their hard work and good cheer as they completed their senior year of college remotely. Thank you to the brave Class of 2024, who knew the best way to stay on track for success was to begin their college education during this unusual time. Thank you to our students who returned to campus...

Spring 2020

Pace University President, Marvin Krislov and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mark Besca

Leadership Letter - Spring 2020

By Marvin Krislov and Mark M. Besca ’81 It feels like everything at Pace University changed in a moment. We’re both working from home, like so many of our colleagues. Our faculty and students are teaching and learning remotely. Everyone’s days are filled with video-calls. Our residence halls are largely empty, our campuses are quiet, and our Commencements postponed. As a University, we’ve stepped up for our neighbors—donating masks and gowns for use in area hospitals and loaning a ventilator and other equipment to Montefiore Medical...

Fall 2019

Pace University President, Marvin Krislov and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mark Besca

Letter from the President and Board Chairman

By Marvin Krislov Pace’s greatest strength is our people. That’s always been true. Our students, faculty, staff, and alumni come from a vast range of backgrounds—culturally, ethnically, socioeconomically. Since our founding as a fully co-educational institution in 1906, what has always mattered at Pace is that you work hard, have ambition, want to get ahead. As long as you’re driven to succeed, you’re Pace material. That’s what makes people want to be at Pace— whether students or faculty or administrators or...

Spring 2019

Pace University President Marvin Krislov and Provost Vanya Quiñones

President’s Letter

By Marvin Krislov In late February, I presented my first State of the University address. After a year and a half at Pace, meeting so many students, faculty, staff, and alumni, learning about this wonderful institution’s history and mission, it was my chance to lay out my vision for the future of the University. As I said in that speech, the state of this University is very strong—and it’s getting stronger. Pace has a vital mission: to create opportunities for students from all backgrounds. Through our...

Fall 2018

Pace University President Marvin Krislov with students on the NYC campus.

President’s Letter

By Marvin Krislov At Pace University, we’re always focused on the future. That’s what this institution has always been about: preparing our smart, ambitious students to build thriving careers and become the next generation of innovators and leaders. That’s why this issue of Pace Magazine is all about how we’re moving our University forward to even better prepare students and graduates for a lifetime of success. One of our feature stories is a roundtable conversation in which our new provost, Vanya Quiñones, PhD...

Spring 2018

Pace President, Marvin Krislov, with pace university students

Pace Students Succeed

By Marvin Krislov We know that. We create leaders here, giving striving young people the opportunity to build successful careers. But what this exciting, first-ever “30 Under 30” issue of Pace Magazine shows is that our alumni are succeeding from the very start of their careers—sometimes with ideas they started working on while still students. Our young alumni include breakout movie stars and an innovative video game designer, an immigration lawyer supporting domestic violence victims and a physician assistant...

Fall 2017

Pace University president, Marvin Krislov

We Are Pace Setters

By Marvin Krislov It’s only been a few months since I started as president of Pace University and already, I’m a proud Pace Setter. It didn’t take long, as I listened to the stories of some of our students and graduates. From a US Marine who came to Pace and graduated with a prestigious internship at the US Department of State in Azerbaijan and a Fulbright Award to teach English in Serbia, to a student DREAMer who was recently awarded a Truman Scholarship and plans to go to law school to become an immigration...
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