Leadership Letter - Spring 2020

By Marvin Krislov and Mark M. Besca ’81

It feels like everything at Pace University changed in a moment.

We’re both working from home, like so many of our colleagues. Our faculty and students are teaching and learning remotely. Everyone’s days are filled with video-calls. Our residence halls are largely empty, our campuses are quiet, and our Commencements postponed.

As a University, we’ve stepped up for our neighbors—donating masks and gowns for use in area hospitals and loaning a ventilator and other equipment to Montefiore Medical Center. And we’re connecting our health care students with institutions in need of staff. We’ve been working with our local government officials about the possibility of using our spaces for medical or FEMA needs.

It’s a new world, but we’re seeing that our values remain the same.

Pace students work hard and get things done. Pace’s faculty and staff help change lives. Pace is dedicated to providing opportunities for hardworking, ambitious students who want to get ahead. And we all care about our communities.

That’s what this issue of Pace Magazine, well underway before everything changed, is all about.

Today, preparing students for success means providing the STEM skills they’ll need to thrive. It means making sure women have the same opportunities men do. It means making sure our students are supported mentally and emotionally, not just academically and professionally.

In this issue, you’ll meet amazing Pace women who are succeeding in STEM fields, which have historically been too male-dominated.

You’ll learn about innovative Pace programs that use animal-assisted therapies to help people in challenging circumstances. In one, students work with therapy dogs to help incarcerated women learn parenting skills. In the other, aspiring health professionals learn how service dogs can help treat patients with a range of disabilities.

And we’ll introduce you to alumni who make a point of gathering at Pace events, or organizing their own get-togethers—sometimes even across the globe.

Amid so much change, the most important thing to remember is that our communities are always there for us. Stay connected with them, and stay connected with Pace.

Marvin Krislov

Mark M. Besca ’81
Chairman of the
Board of Trustees