Spring 2019

Spring 2019

Pace students in 1969 on a faculty-led summer session in Rome, Italy


It was the summer of ’69 and these Pace students were celebrating the best days of their lives during a faculty-led summer session in Rome.
Thomas Mansley ’89 and Janice Mansley ’90 posing with young children in Haiti.

Thomas Mansley ’89 and Janice Mansley ’90

By Robert Schurz ’18 Thomas Mansley ’89 and Janice Mansley ’90 met at Pace University while they were both working toward their MBAs. As fate would have it, they had a class together in New York City. “Tom would always sit in the same seat in every class,” Jan recalls. “I thought he was really cute. One day, I got there early and stole his seat.” Adds Tom, “That was how it all started. Our first date was October 13, 1988, and the rest was history!” For Tom and Jan, a Pace education had an immediate and lasting...

In Memoriam - Spring 2019

Remembering Joseph E. Houle, Dyson’s Dean Emeritus Joseph E. Houle, PhD, who both established Pace’s mathematics program in the 1960s and served as dean of the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences for nearly two decades, died on December 8, 2018, at age 88. Pace mourns his passing and celebrates the lasting impact he had on the University. Houle played a crucial role in Pace’s development as it transitioned from Pace Institute to Pace College and through a very dynamic period of growth in New...

Class Notes - Spring 2019

Family of Pace Athletics Founder Gives $1 Million Gift B.J. Finnerty, wife of the late Peter X. Finnerty, has chosen to support Pace Athletics and honor the legacy of her late husband, the father of Pace Athletics. “I am thrilled to be able to announce such an impactful gift to support Pace student-athletes and our community,” says Director of Athletics Mark Brown. “Private support is integral to the continued success of Pace Athletics and we thank Mrs. Finnerty for her incredible generosity.”...
School of Education Associate Professor Tom Liam Lynch, EdD

Faculty Success

Computer Science Via Core Subjects The National Council of Teachers has honored School of Education Associate Professor Tom Liam Lynch, EdD, with the 2018 National Technology Leadership Initiative Award for his considerable achievement in incorporating computer science concepts into English Language Arts learning. The Heart of Health Care The American Nurses Association: New York honored College of Health Professions Dean Harriet Feldman, PhD, with its 2018 Mentorship Award for her outstanding...
Young woman with her grandmother.

Speech Issues and Dementia

As life expectancy continues to increase globally, dementia—a broad category of brain diseases that affects nearly 50 million people per year—is on the rise. And with it comes loss of speech. Associate Professor Linda Carozza, PhD, hypothesizes that investigating the breakdown of speech could be crucial to understanding how brain diseases progress, which could ultimately lead to preventative treatments and improved quality of life measures. “When we talk, it’s a natural phenomenon— we don’t...
Online dating info graphic

ADdicted to Love

Along with the multi-billion dollar business of online dating apps comes big audiences—and a big market for advertising. “There’s been a lot of research on online dating and its potential—can you find love, why are people using these apps, et cetera,” says Assistant Professor of Communication Studies Aditi Paul, PhD. “But no research has looked at it through ‘what kind of advertising messages are these apps generating?’ We’re looking at the intersection of online dating and advertising.” For...


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