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Spring 2020

Women in STEM: They're Setting the Pace

By Jillian Gorry ’11, ’21 These Pace women in STEM are rockin’ it in the labs, in the field, and in the industry. They’re collaborating across disciplines and pushing the limits on cutting-edge research—not to mention, they’re helping young women follow in their footsteps. Quick! Picture a scientist in a lab. Now, picture a web developer. Next, picture a researcher.  Pop quiz: were the people you pictured men? If you said yes, you wouldn’t be alone. And don’t worry, we won’t hold it against you. We promise. These stereotypes, while pervasive, are far from the reality—especially at Pace. STEM (read: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields are social fields. Across industries, STEM fields comprise a deeply...

Spring 2018

Female Pace University student at The Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy

Global Impact

By Jillian Gorry ’11 Students travel abroad and return home, eager to share what they learned and committed to changing the world—one step at a time. It’s the first day of a new semester, and Pace students are ready to move. They packed all the essentials: laptop, charger, textbooks, a few snacks, and of course, their passport. That’s because they’ll be meeting their professor at JFK airport in just a few hours. Wouldn’t want to be late to class in another country! Study abroad has always been a mainstay in higher education, but what about a more structured travel experience for students looking to take advantage of an education beyond...
graphic of computer screens and iPhones

Mapping Out A GIS Lab

GIS is used everywhere,” says Seidenberg Information Systems Professor Dan Farkas, PhD. “It’s used when you take an Uber, or go into a Starbucks.” Noting the undeniable significance of geographic information systems, or GIS, a computer technology that captures, stores, analyzes, manages, and presents spatial and geographic data, Farkas and Seidenberg Information Technology Professor Namchul Shin, PhD, are in the process of launching a lab dedicated to studying and introducing GIS to Pace...
Pace University professor with student.

Faculty Success - Spring 2018

Prestigious grants for innovative research, distinguished scholarships, and most notably, a Nobel Peace Prize! These are just a few of our latest faculty accomplishments.
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