Thank You!

By Marvin Krislov and Mark M. Besca ’81

More than anything else, we want to say thank you.

Thank you to everyone in the Pace Community for working together to get us through this challenging year. Thank you to the committed Class of 2020, who kept up their hard work and good cheer as they completed their senior year of college remotely. Thank you to the brave Class of 2024, who knew the best way to stay on track for success was to begin their college education during this unusual time. Thank you to our students who returned to campus, to our students who studied remotely, to everyone who complied with travel restrictions and arrival quarantines and the safety precautions that have helped keep our community safe.

Thank you to our dedicated faculty, to our committed staff, to the essential support workers who kept our University running Thank you to the parents and families who supported their students, even while dealing with a host of new challenges of their own. Thank you to our many devoted alumni across the country and around the world, who continued to give back to their Pace family, mentoring students, talking to new grads, and supporting scholarships and other crucial needs.

This issue of Pace Magazine, like so much else today, has pivoted online. In a time of remote work and remote life, it’s a digital look at how the resourceful people of Pace have reacted and adapted through the last eight months—and where things are going as we adapt to a changed world.

You’ll see how Pace quickly adjusted to pandemic restrictions in March, and how we were able to successfully return to campus in August. You’ll discover our innovative New York Recovery Internships, which keep our students engaged in the experiential learning that’s our hallmark while also helping our communities recover and rebuild. You’ll read about our redoubled commitment to social and racial justice. And, as always, you’ll see the many accomplishments of our students, faculty, and alumni.

We also hope you’ll join us in remembering those in the Pace family we’ve lost, including our beloved dean for students in New York City, Marijo Russell-O’Grady.

This has been a hard year. If you’ve struggled with illness or confronted loss, we send our best wishes. If you’re anxious or scared, you have all our support. At Pace, we’ve renewed our efforts to promote mental health and wellbeing among our students, faculty, and staff. As you’ll see in this issue of Pace Magazine, we’re offering wellness programming for Pace alumni, too.

This is also a hopeful time. It appears that vaccines are on the horizon. We’re innovating and strategizing so that the University can continue to thrive. Our students and graduates are, as ever, hard-working, ambitious, and ready to go out and get things done.

As we look back on this year, we’re especially grateful for that.

Stay safe, and have a happy holiday season.

Marvin Krislov

Mark M. Besca ’81
Chairman of the
Board of Trustees