Women's Team Coaches

We asked five of Pace’s female coaches to tell us… As a female athlete and now coach, what changes have you seen in women’s sports that you’re most excited about? And what changes do you hope to see in the future?

Women’s Lacrosse

Tricia Molfetta

“The accessibility of women’s sports is what has changed most since I was a student-athlete. One of the really unique aspects right now is that young female players can follow these successful athletes on different social media platforms—we can get to know the players behind the scenes more, see how they’re practicing, conditioning, and what they’re doing to get better every day. I think it’s great that young female players can follow their idols on social media and have that accessibility to them on a daily basis. I want to see women’s sports nationally broadcasted more often. Yes, the platform is much larger than it used to be, but there is an audience and a market for women’s sports to be televised on a more regular basis.”


Karrin Moore

“I feel that there are many more opportunities for women to play a sport in college than when I was [a student]. More schools are adding teams every year! I would like to see continual growth in opportunities for women so that they can play college sports. I believe it is a huge advantage to be part of a team, and an opportunity all young women should have.”

Women’s Basketball

Carrie Seymour

“The number of participation opportunities for girls and women has increased tremendously since I was in college (1983). This increase is at all levels: from youth programs, AAU, travel team, high school, and the college level. When I was growing up, you had to compete with the boys because there were no ‘organized’ youth sports for girls. Our first opportunity to play on an organized team was at the high school level. We need to continue to grow our sport, reach out to our communities, and build support for our game.”

Field Hockey

Kayte Kinsley

“I am happy to see that field hockey is growing in popularity and more and more colleges are adding it to their women’s programs. I hope the sport keeps gaining momentum because it provides more opportunities for future student athletes. In my opinion, women’s sports need to be covered more consistently in media. Although it is getting better, women do not have the same access to role models like male athletes do. Field hockey is the perfect example; a young athlete could go their entire collegiate career without seeing one televised field hockey game.”


Claudia Stabile

“The Impact Title Ix Had On Women’s Athletics Cannot Be Overstated. Athletic Scholarships Opened The Door For Women To Have Educational Opportunities That May Not Have Been Realized Without This Support. The Quality Of Facilities, Equipment, Staff, And Funding Have All Improved And Women’s Games Are Drawing Better Crowds. I Would Like To See Even More Girls And Women Compete In Athletics And Utilize The Lessons They Learn On The Field And Bring Them To The Classroom, To The Business Meeting, And The Boardroom. According To The National Women’s Law Center, More Than 80% Of Female Business Executives Played Sports. That Is An Outstanding Acknowledgement To The Benefits Of Athletic Participation For Women.”