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New York City Master Plan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When will this happen?
We anticipate moving into the new building at Nassau Street in the fall of 2023 and work commencing at One Pace Plaza East in early 2024. The projected timeline:

  • Early 2021: Construction begins at Nassau Street
  • Fall 2023: Completion of Nassau Street
  • Early 2024: Demolition at One Pace Plaza East.

What environmental features will the new building have?
The new building will be constructed to the highest environmental and efficiency standards and in compliance with all codes, including forthcoming obligations under the revised New York City Energy Conservation Code.

Will Pace University own the new building at Nassau?
No, the building is managed by and will be redeveloped for Pace’s long-term occupancy by our real estate partner.

What happens to the classes and offices currently located in 1PP East?
They will all be relocated to the new, modern spaces in Nassau, or to other locations if that makes more sense, before anything happens to One Pace Plaza East. That includes the cafeteria, the library, classrooms, and other student support offices. The only thing that won’t be relocated is the theater, because the new building does not have a sufficiently large footprint.

What about the Schimmel Center?
A theater is the only thing that won’t be relocated to Nassau, because the floorplates of the new building isn’t big enough for a full theater. Our performing arts programs are a big part of Pace and integral to our future, and we’re committed to providing the performance spaces they require. Work on One Pace Plaza East starts in three years, and we’ll use that long lead time and our collaborative planning process to ensure all of our students will always have access to the professional-quality performance spaces they need.

How will we work with our downtown neighbors and community?
We’re committed to keeping our neighbors informed and engaged. We will work with our local community board, and we will hold public information sessions and town halls open to our neighbors and other stakeholders downtown.

What will end up on the east side of One Pace Plaza after we sell the development rights?
Right now we are beginning the process for Nassau Street. We will work with a brokerage firm to sell the development rights, and we will take advantage of the three years of Nassau construction to figure out the best use of the east side of One Pace Plaza to support our future plans.

Will demolition and construction on the east side be disruptive to classes in One Pace Plaza?
All major construction produces some disruption. We will work with the developer to ensure noise mitigation. This is the least disruptive option, compared to renovating and updating Maria's Tower while it continued to function as a residence hall and academic space. The earliest construction work will begin on One Pace Plaza is 2024.

Will we be able to consolidate any leases?

We are examining all our leases and creating plans that will give us the greatest campus cohesion.

What will happen to the Beekman Pub?
It will close, and we’re sad about that. But the building is being redeveloped, and the Beekman Pub will have to leave its current home with or without us.

What about Dunkin’?
Good news: The Dunkin’ currently located on the corner of Beekman Street and Nassau Street has signed a lease to move into unoccupied retail space in our building at 33 Beekman.

Who can I speak with for more information?
Key contacts for the project are as follows:

  • For project planning issues and general facilities questions: Aisha Moyla, or (914) 773-3127
  • For construction matters: William (Bill) Carey, or (212) 346-1137
  • For press inquiries: Marie Boster, or (646) 877-6496