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12-Hour Hackathon

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How are your hacking skills, PaceU? Whether you’re already a l33t h4x0r or curious newbie, this 12-hour marathon on the PLV Campus will train you alongside the best. Snacks provided!

Step aside, script kiddies—the MLH Local Hack Day is coming to Willcox Hall, and you’re invited! This is a 12-hour hackathon that brings together the local hacker community to celebrate building awesome technology. On Saturday, December 2, students around the world will be simultaneously hosting their own MLH Local Hack Day at their school, resulting in the single largest day of student hacking.


Whether you’re a seasoned hackathon veteran or this is your first time, MLH Local Hack Day is accessible to everyone! Be there:

Saturday, December 2
9:00 a.m.–9:00 p.m.
Multi-Purpose Room, Willcox Hall

Be sure to read the Hackathon FAQ carefully before registering. Mentors and peers will be available onsite to offer guidance (and pep talks!), and you’ll have plenty of sugary snacks to munch on throughout the day.