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5 Reasons to Study Abroad

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Croissants in Paris. The ruins of ancient Rome. Business in Beijing. Studying abroad isn’t just about the unforgettable travel experience. By living somewhere entirely new, you’ll set yourself apart in the job market post-graduation while still earning credits toward your degree.

Did you know that close to 15 percent of Pace students study abroad? That’s 50 percent above the national average! From faculty-led programs specifically tailored to your interests to semester-long exchange programs at the location of your choice, the opportunities are endless. Here are our Top 5 Reasons to study Abroad:  

1. Earn credits toward your degree
You’ll be taking a full course load while studying abroad, which means a whole world of incredible opportunities. From in-depth courses related to your discipline to open electives to AOKs, you’ll gain a global perspective while ensuring you graduate on time.

2. Take advantage of affordable options
Did you know a semester abroad can cost the same as— or less than—a semester at Pace? You’ll pay tuition and fees plus housing to an overseas institution (which can cost less than housing at Pace). All federal and state aid apply and, for some programs, 100% of scholarships and grants apply; for others, up to $10,000 per semester.

3. Experience living like a local
Explore everything your host country has to offer through one of our faculty-led courses or by immersing yourself in a local community. That’s thanks to the Pace Path, our signature program combining personalized planning and education, internships, and other real-world experiences for you to achieve a lifetime of success.

4. Develop a competitive edge
By studying abroad, you’ll set yourself apart in the job market post-graduation. Learn how to problem solve, train for international careers, develop a deeper global outlook, and work with people from diverse backgrounds—all paramount for today’s graduates entering the workforce.

5. Forget FOMO
While you might miss out on events back home, you’ll get to experience exciting new adventures and gain a clearer sense of self along the way. Want to know one of the biggest regrets of college graduates who don’t study abroad? The fact that they didn’t go.

Choose from 56 countries—and counting! From far-flung cities in India to nearby destinations in Costa Rica. To learn more, visit the Study Abroad website​ or email