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5 Steps to Conquering Move-in Day

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When is move-in day? Can you ship things ahead of time? What should you bring? How can you prepare? Moving into Pace’s residence halls can seem daunting, but we'll help you troubleshoot the big day.

Move-in day for Pace first-year students (and their families!) can be awesome and chaotic—you’re eager to start your college career and your parents are proud to see you off into the world. (Shoutout to your folks, who might be reading this, too!) With so many people running around the residence halls on the big day, though, things may get a bit hectic. Here are five tips to help the transition go smoothly for you and your family:

1. Explore Your New Neighborhood.

Visiting your campus and residence hall before move-in day will give you a sense of the area and its facilities. You’ll spend less time worrying about where to park, what door to use, and even where to grab a bite afterward. We even put together a handy guide to get you started, including a list of resources for the PLV Campus and NYC Campus.

2. Coordinate With Your Roommate(s).

With space being limited (especially on the NYC Campus), coordinating with the people you’ll be living with is super important! Let’s face it: you won’t need more than one flat screen TV or two PS4 consoles. Command Strips, though, will be in high demand. Bring plenty of those! Think about things like cleaning supplies (yes, you have to clean up after yourself), cases of water, or other big items.

3. Know Your Shipping Options.

So you have a few large items you need to ship and store before you get to Pace. No problem! If you’ll be living on the PLV Campus, EZ College Storage is a partner of ours and conveniently located in nearby Tarrytown, NY. For students who will be moving to the NYC Campus, there’s Stashable or Collegiate Storage and Rental to fill all your shipping needs.

4. Review the Move-In Schedule Carefully.

It all happens on Labor Day weekend! Make sure you review your scheduled move-in time very carefully (these were emailed to you). Assignments are based upon the building and floor you’ll be on, which can get very crowded very quickly—especially if there’s only one elevator. Arrive no earlier than the time you’re given. Check out the PLV Campus​ and NYC Campus (PDF) schedules. Volunteers from the Pace Community will be on-hand to help you carry and cart your items to your room.

5. Pack Light!

September in New York is still pretty warm, so maybe don't bring your entire winter wardrobe. Prioritize the items you'll need immediately—bedding and linens, towels, toiletries and cosmetics, snacks, clothing, electronic items. You can always ship things to your residence hall or order things online for delivery.

Still have questions? Never fear: Contact the Office of Residential Life and Housing on your campus.