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Kirstie Mekhail ’19 just wrapped up an internship at Nickelodeon, but she’s also worked social media in the restaurant business and PR and marketing for #MetGala designer Zac Posen—and she’s learned a lot.

Kirstie Mekhail ’19 is always looking ahead. As the director of marketing for the Beekman Residence Hall and a host on WPUB radio, she also has a number of internships under her belt—something that initially drew her to Pace. “I knew there would be a lot of opportunities for me in business [here],” Mekhail explained, naming Career Services as another big sell when she decided to attend Lubin.

Her first internship was social media for the Granola Bar Restaurant. Mekhail worked closely with the marketing manager there to develop content ideas and report on ongoing trends with health-conscious consumers. After, she moved on to a public relations and marketing for fashion designer Zac Posen, where she monitored press and assisted with events and branding. And after that, she hit the ground running at Nickelodeon, strategizing and reporting on trends with the consumer marketing team.

One of her most memorable experiences on that particular job happened when everyone at Nickelodeon came together for one big meeting. “They had just released a new show, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Turtles, and [...] each team got to talk about their contributions,” Mekhail said. From animation to marketing to merchandising, they covered it all. “It was amazing to see how it all comes together in the end and how each team worked together to make something awesome for kids.”

And teamwork is a big deal at Nickelodeon. “Everyone you work with is on your side,” she said of her coworkers there. “They don’t want you to fail—[they] want you to learn as much as possible. I never felt like I couldn’t ask a question, and I found it was much better to speak up when I didn’t understand something.”

Mekhail also gave credit to the Pace Path, a comprehensive program that combines personalized planning and a variety of opportunities to prepare students for graduation, including job placement and real-world experiences. “A lot of my [classes] integrated really well with what I was learning in my internship[s],” she told us. “As we talked about ad buying in class, I was doing actual ad buying on Facebook for my internship.”

Of all the things she learned at each one of her positions, though, one lesson in particular stuck out to Mekhail. “The most important part for me has been [learning] organizational awareness,” she explained. “There are different cultures and things you need to understand in order to work well with your team, and [to] make strides for yourself in business. It is not something they can teach you easily in class—it is something you immerse yourself in by doing.”

We wish her all the best as she walks for Commencement in May, and embarks on her very bright future!

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