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The Adviser Is In!

News Story

If you've got some questions about registration, who you gonna call? Your adviser! If you've got some fears about graduation, who you gonna call? Your adviser! October is Advising Month, so give yours a call today.

Don't wait until the rush of spring registration in November to get your questions answered. If you have questions about spring course selection and registration, your major or declaring one, staying on track so you can graduate in four years, your Pace Path, University resources available to you, and much more, get them answered during Advising Month, going on the entire month of October.

Advising Month will begin with Advising on Wheels in the student centers, where advisers will be available for students to sign up for future appointments. This will be followed up by Advising in the Residence Halls, where students can stop by one of the designated locations for a walk-in appointment. Or you can just make your appointment today!

For more advising information and resources, visit