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Listen in and read up on a few of our media expert Pace alumni! From breaking news to the latest health and wellness information to pop culture and sports updates, there’s a social Setter for you to follow.

More than 150,000 graduates are part of the Pace Alumni Network, and many of them are very active on social media and their own websites and blogs. So if you’re looking to stay up to date on everything from health and wellness to pop culture and finance, or if you find yourself in need of a quick update on local news or a favorite sport, why not follow a fellow Setter? The star-studded lineup, provided by the Pace Alumni team, includes a variety of media experts:

  • >> Cristina Alesci ’01, criminal justice

  • >> Tara Bernstein ’18, communications

  • >> Sharon Carpenter, business management

  • >> Maria Dorfner ’86, english language and literature

  • >> Charles “Charlie” Gasparino ’85

  • >> Jay Glazer ’93

  • >> Hannah Nieves ’15, global marketing management

  • >> Pedro Rivera ’12, communications

  • >> Sam Smith ’70, accountancy and information science

Living in a socially distanced world has many of us spending more time soaking up information than we are used to. Show your support by tuning into their broadcasts or reading their books and blogs. Be sure to also continue staying connected with the Pace Alumni team on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! They’re always promoting exciting stories about our Setters, and one day, they’ll be sharing yours.